Must-Have Travel Gadgets of 2016

Here are some cool travel gadgets that can make your trips safer, easier and more enjoyable.

    It's the holiday season and it only means that its time to start planning your next trip. After all, you deserve a break from all the hard work that you have put in throughout the year.

    So whether you're planning an international trip or you're just traveling across your country, a few good old pocket-sized gadgets can help you get the best travel experience.

    Must-Have Travel Gadgets of 2016

    Well, you might think that your smartphone is enough to handle all the tasks, but there are some pretty cool travel gadgets that are essential. These gadgets can keep you occupied during your commute and come packed with safety features that make your travel experience more delightful.

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    In addition, in the modern age where travel and communication are becoming common, travel gadgets are growing to be more and more prevalent.

    Today, as there are a lot of travel gadgets available in the market, it might be confusing in choosing the right travel gadget. However, to hook you up with the right travel gadgets and to make your life much easier, here's a rundown of the top gadgets for travelers.

    Bluesmart Suitacse

    This might be a little towards the expensive travel gadget category, but it's worth the investment. Literally, this is a suitcase that does everything. And what's interesting about this suitcase is that it is an innovative carry-on suitcase, which you can control using a smartphone.

    The suitcase connects with your iPhone or Android device via a dedicated app, which offers a plethora of interesting features. You can lock and unlock it, weigh it and track it, and it even tells or reminds you if you forget it somewhere. 

    In addition, while the smart locking functionality allows you to lock or unlock your suitcase using your smartphone, the owner gets notifications if anyone tries to unlock the suitcase by other means. The access can be shared with other people you trust, for instance, your family members who may use the suitcase for traveling purposes alongside you. So if you want your belongings to be safe, you can go for this suitcase and travel without any worries.

    Portable Chargers / Power Banks

    These are one of the important gadgets that you can have while traveling. In fact, you should take these devices with you when you start out on your journey. Especially on long journeys, these can be used to power up multiple devices and most importantly your smartphone.

    However, there are many brands to choose from, but you should always invest in a high capacity power bank as the cheap ones can quickly run out of juice. One suggestion is the Aukey 20,000mAh portable external battery charger. This high capacity power bank is powered by a 20,000mAh Lithium Polymer battery and will provide enough emergency backup power to charge an iPhone 10 times over. It's also nice and slim and has a torch built in, making it an ideal power bank.

    The power bank has two USB ports for different output levels so you can charge two devices at the same time. 


    Well, you never know when a disaster may strike when you are traveling. So basically, inspired by the disaster rescue and recovery operations, goTenna has been designed to keep Android or iOS devices connected even when there is no cellular service. Made of rugged materials, this pocket-sized two-way radio and antenna use Bluetooth-LE to pair with a smartphone.

    This innovative technology allows users who possess the device to share messages and location info instantly within a range of up to 50 miles in ideal conditions.

    Portable Camera

    Well, we know who dominates this category. The GoPro! And yes, this has become a household name for many. The camera offers great portability because of its size and it also records high-quality videos. Furthermore, the cameras come with a lot of accessories that will help you record in almost any situation. This is an ideal camera that you can take along on your journey, especially if you are planning for an adventure trip.

    The company offers a lot of models and you can choose one depending on your budget or the quality of the video that the camera delivers. You can go for GoPro Hero 3 and above cameras as they offer good video and image quality.

    Noise Cancellation Headphones and Buetooth Speakers

    There are a lot of good options when it comes to noise-cancelling headphones, but the Bose QuietComfort 25s seems to do a little better than the rest. Moreover, the company claims that QuietComfort 25 headphones have been re-engineered to sound better, be more comfortable and easier to carry along. So when you put them on, your music becomes deep, powerful and balanced, at the same time, it becomes too quiet that every note sounds clearer. This headphone does a pretty good job in canceling the noise if you're spending a lot of time on a train, plane, bus, or any other noisy environment.

    As for the Bluetooth speakers, there are a whole lot of them. If you are looking for a portable one, then you can go with the JBL Clip 2. It is an ultra-light, ultra-rugged and ultra-powerful portable speaker. Completely waterproof, the JBL Clip 2 provides 8 hours of playtime allowing you to take music along with you wherever you go, be it land or water. Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth or plug it into any smartphone or tablet with its attached audio cable. You can also wirelessly connect two Clip 2 speakers together to enjoy amplified sound.


    If you're an avid reader and traveler, you have to get yourself a Kindle. While nothing can ever replace a paperback or hardcover book, the sheer convenience of being able to carry hundreds of books at a time is undeniable. So if you think you want to buy one, you can go with the Paperwhite. It's basically an upgraded version of the standard Kindle. It has a higher-resolution screen that has backlights built in. This makes it easier on your eyes and eliminates the need to use those bright overhead lights on the plane.

    Battery Case

    If you're traveling and don't feel like carrying an external battery, it might be a good idea to pick up a battery case for your phone. Nothing is worse than having your phone die. 

    These days, as technology is advancing more and more, there are battery cases for smartphones, especially Apple iPhones, and these can extend your phone's battery life. While there are many cases for the different brands and models, you can search for a suitable case for your phone online. 

    Well, travel gadgets do add extra convenience to your experiences and they open up new realms in the world of technology. Besides, these smart tools have forever changed the way travelers experience the world. So the next time you travel, do remember to have these gadgets in hand as they can really be lifesavers.

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