Innovative Design Changes We Have Seen in Gadgets in 2016

Innovative designs seen this year!

    Every year, a number of companies follow the tradition of launching successors of their already existing products with changes in the specifications. However, on the design front, we can't find a lot of changes.

    Innovative Design Changes We Have Seen in Gadgets in 2016

    To be precise, there were not many innovative design changes when it comes to smartphones and laptops in the past few years. This situation seems to have changed in 2016 as a few manufacturers have come up with innovative design changes that have spurred everyone's interest.

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    Of course, there have been some design changes in the gadgets from key brands including Microsoft, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Apple and others. To mention a few, we can include LG's modular design seen on LG G5 as a major design upgrade.

    Today, we at GizBot, have jotted down five such innovative design changes that we have seen in gadgets in the year 2016. Take a look at the same to keep yourself updated on the same.

    Lenovo Yoga Book featuring Touch Keyboard

    Usually, media reports have stated that tablets are dead and their sales are dropping consistently. In fact, many major brands stopped making tablets and started focussing on laptops, convertibles, and smartphones. In the meantime, Lenovo launched the Yoga Book with an interesting design. The convertible can work in four modes - type mode, create mode, watch mode and browse mode. The highlight of this device is that the hinges can function in 360°.

    The Lenovo Yoga Book's touch keyboard called Halo Keyboard is something special. This is an innovative design as no other tablet supports such a keyboard. It is optimized to work only on demand, to auto-complete and auto-correct as you type, with support for haptic feedback and more.


    Xiaomi Mi Mix with Bezel-less Display

    This Xiaomi Mi Mix is an innovative smartphone that has been launched a few months back. We call this innovative as it is a near bezel-less smartphone. While the other concept phones including the one from Sharp were left to remain as concepts, the Mi Mix was launched in China and also ent on sale.

    The highlights of this design is that the Mi Mix has a screen-to-body ratio of 91.3% while the most smartphones have a maximum screen-to-body ratio of 75%. Sounds amazing, isn't it? As Xiaomi mimicks the design language of Apple and Samsung, it was unexpected to introduce this new concept in smartphones. On Mi Mix, the speaker, proximity sensor, etc. Are invisible.


    Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    The recently unveiled Apple MacBook Pro lacks function keys as these are replaced by a Touch Bar. Also, this is the first model of MacBook from Apple to be incorporated with Touch ID. Apple claims that the MacBook Pro is the best ever model they have designed and its lighter and thinner with a more vivid display than the one found on previous MacBooks.

    Moreover, this is the first time to see a touch bar with keys in the laptop arena. It has paved way for unlimited shortcuts and the Touch Bar displays functions according to what you are actually doing. For instance, when you are drafting an email, the Touch Bar will display emojis, text suggestions, etc.


    LG G5 and Moto Z with Modular Design

    Google's Project Ara, the modular smartphone concept has been canceled for unknown reasons, but that does not put an end to the concept of modular smartphones. LG G5 flagship smartphone released earlier this year opened the door to the modular segment. The device is unique! Unlike conventional smartphones, this one lets you attach or detach the major components such as battery, camera, speakers, etc.

    Following the footsteps of LG G5, Lenovo-owned Motorola unveiled the Moto Z. This is the first ever fully functional modular smartphone in the market. You can add components that you need such as battery back, magnetic dock, JBL speakers, etc. by simply attaching the back cover to the device.


    Surface Studio with dialer

    Microsoft proved its expertise in making convertibles. The Surface Studio's design is too innovative and will definitely change the way you think about design. This device features a 28-inch PixelSense display with a higher 4K resolution. It can be elevated up to 20 degrees to support the graphic designers to work. The Surface Pen can be used to draw anything on the device as you would on a sheet of paper.

    Notably, the Surface Dialer has a minimalistic design packed with innovative features. Once the dial is placed on the screen, it will reveal several functions. With the help of these functions, you can perfect the art that you are drawing on the Surface Studio.



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