Now You Can Charge Your Smartphone, Laptop, and Other Gadgets in Just Seconds

Yes! You no longer have to wait for long to charge your smartphone. This tiny device lets you charge your electronic device in just a few seconds.

By Sneha

Smartphones are an integral part of our life making us extremely productive that will in turn make our life easy. However, over using the phone can lead to "low battery alert", which is an extremely common and annoying phenomenon for mobile users.

Charge Your Smartphone, Laptop, and Other Gadgets in Just Seconds

Over usage of the internet or making numerous phone calls and more can lead your phone run out of charge, which is often distressing in case of an emergency. Additionally, another added problem is that these phones consume a lot of time to recharge, which doesn't seem to be quite a "happy-happy" thing for the users.

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However, now wasting long hours to charge your smartphone will be a thing of past. Yes, what if I say now the users can charge their phones or any electronic devices in just a matter of a few seconds? Let's check out how!

The Research Proved

Recently, the researchers at the University of Central Florida developed a process with which they can create flexible supercapacitors, which supposedly has more energy storage capacity as compared to the normal mobile batteries.

Replace Batteries With Supercapacitors

Researcher has claimed that if the mobile batteries are replaced with these supercapacitors the user will be able to charge their phone in just a few seconds, after which the user will not be required to charge their phone for one long week. These chargers can also be used on other electronic gadgets as well.

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All About the Supercapacitors

All About the Supercapacitors

These supercapacitors are said to release energy in large bursts and is fitted with the ability to retain the charge for days together. This tiny device has the ability to store as much power as compared to a lithium-ion battery along with which these are smaller, lighter, and more flexible, and yet have a lot more storage capacity.

Improves Phone Life

Along with charging phones faster, these supercapacitors are also built with the ability to improve your smartphone or any of your electronic device's life.

Lithium-ion Batteries vs Supercapacitors

When compared, the lithium-ion batteries can generally be recharged less than 1,500 times, whereas these new super-capacitors can be recharged for even more than 30,000 times without degrading.

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