Omron Electronic Nerve Stimulator Can Offer Instant Relief From Rapid Muscle Pain


Omron Healthcare recently announced a pocket nerve stimulator in the Indian market. Currently selling at Rs. 2,668 on, the electronic nerve stimulator operates on TENS technology to eliminate mild to moderate pain to lessen the dependence on painkillers.

Omron HV-F013: Pocket Nerve Stimulator For Instant Muscle Relief


The pocket friendly nerve stimulator seems liked a good alternative to painkillers to reduce muscle fatigue. Let's find out how to use the electronic nerve stimulator and about its highlight features.

Omron HV-F013 Electronic Nerve Stimulator

While Omron sells several electronic nerve stimulators, the latest one goes by the mode number- HV-F013 and is equipped with OMRON's Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology. The company claims that the technology that powers the nerve stimulator is clinically validated for home use, and providing drug-free pain relief. The nerve stimulator can fit into your pocket. It's very portable and yet powerful. The muscle reliever comes equipped with a full suite of advanced and comprehensive features.

How Omron HV-F013 Nerve Stimulator Works?

The pocket nerve stimulator works on the TENS technology, which has been in use for decades by physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists as an effective pain relief solution. TENS units work by sending small electrical impulses to a specific body part (basically nerves) via electrodes. The electrodes are placed on adhesive pads that attach to a person's skin.

Omron HV-F013 also gets two pads with electrodes attached to them. The material quality is pretty decent but could have been better. The self-adhesive pads are claimed to be used for up to 150 times with 10 washes. The wires used to pass electrical impulses are about three feet long.

Once you attach the pads on a respective body part, you can press the start button on the main unit to get started with the pain relieving process. The main unit has a scale to magnify or decrease the amount of low-voltage current passed to your body via electrodes.


The portable nerve stimulator supports five modes and has five levels of intensity. You can select the range of low voltage current as per your convenience to relieve the muscle pain. The maximum level of the scale sends a good voltage to the respective body part.

Once the current enters the body, it blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain. It then stimulates the production of endorphins, which are natural painkillers. Moreover, the low voltage current passed via the electrodes can also improve the blood circulation.

Works Well For Nerve, Muscle or Joint Pains

Unlike a traditional massager, the pocket sized nerve stimulator is free of ergonomic challenges and is well-suited for all body parts - anterior and posterior. You can use the Omron HV-F013 to relieve nerve, muscle or joint pains. These chronic pains include inflammatory arthritis, back pain, foot pain, shoulder pain, etc. Backed by TENS technology, the electronic nerve stimulator relieves pain in two ways- via high frequency to treat acute pain and low frequency to treat chronic pain, stiffness and numbness in body parts.

The pocket sized nerve stimulator is well-suited for field workers and who have a busy schedule and wants to reduce the dependency on painkillers. You can also treat workout injuries to relive muscular and nerve-related pain. Omron claims that the contraption is suitable for people across all age groups.

Should You Buy It?

Priced at Rs. 2,668 on, Omron HV-F013 is a nifty home health monitoring solution to relieve muscle pain. It can fit right into your pocket and can be used at home without any expert supervision to treat joint and nerve-related pain and to reduce dependency on painkillers. Besides the HV-F013, the company also sells two other models- HV-F128 and HV-F127.

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