Take a Quick Look at Google's Best 2016 Launches: Google Pixel, Daydream VR, YouTube Go & More

A look at Google launches in 2016.

    This year has almost come to its closure, and it can be concluded that 2016 has proved to be a splendid one for the tech geeks out there. The year witnessed several new technologies making way into the market, be it smartphones, smart home gadgets, applications, or anything else. 

    Take a Quick Look at Google's 2016 Launches

    One of the key players in the technology arena this year is none other than the internet pioneer, Google. It has been an exceptional year for the American technology company as it launched a wide range of products including the most awaited Google Pixel smartphones, Google Home, Daydream VR, Google Stations, etc.

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    The list of products Google unveiled this year is never ending, where some became the talk of the town and others failed to impress consumers and flopped drastically. We at GizBot have come up with the list of Google products launched in 2016 that have already become a part of our everyday life.

    Let's take a sneak peak at the best Google products launched this year.

    Google Pixel Phones

    The most awaited Google smartphones - Pixel and Pixel XL were launched this year. These high-end smartphones have been tagged one of the best smartphones of the year. Considering the camera set-up, Pixel smartphones are rated the best camera smartphone of the year by DxOMark. This high-end device had stirred the smartphone space, giving sleepless nights to other competitors.

    Google Allo

    The internet pioneer, at the I/O conference this year, showcased a new instant messaging app called Google Allo. The app comes packed with its own assistant named Google Assistant, which makes things easy for the users by doing all the work with the help of a voice message almost similar to that of Google Now. Google Assistant has now become a part of our life, works similar to Google Now, and lets the user send a message, make a call, book tickets and more.

    The app also features options like smart replies, image recognition, doodling, exciting emojis and lot more that makes this Google app the best one of the year. 

    Google Gboard

    Google launched the Gboard keyboard app for the iOS and Android users. The app resembles Google Keyboard and is packed with all the features including speed and reliability, Glide Typing, voice typing, and inbuilt Google Search. The app also incorporates emoji search option that helps users find emojis faster, plus GIF search, and multilingual typing to let them switch languages easily.

    The best things about the app are the Glide and Voice typing features. The first one lets the users type faster by sliding their finger from letter to letter, and the latter allows to send a text with voice messages.

    Google Daydream VR

    Virtual Reality is the next big thing in tech. Keeping that in mind, Google introduced Daydream VR along with Pixel smartphones. Almost all smartphone manufacturers have come up with their very own VR headsets, but by far Google Daydream VR is said to be among the best ones available. The VR headsets manage to create a complete virtual reality platform for the users.

    YouTube Go

    Google announced YouTube Go application, which works even in slow internet connection. The app lets users stream video without any interruption even with limited internet. Not only this, the app also lets the users download videos and save it for offline viewing in various quality formats.

    Google Stations

    Google partnered with RaiTel to introduce Wi-Fi service at about 400 Indian railway stations and named it Google Stations. At present, the search engine giant has successfully introduced the Wi-Fi service at 100 most crowded stations of the country, letting users enjoy high-speed internet service.

    Google Wi-Fi

    Google also launched Wi-fi routers. The device is designed with a mesh system and connects more than one device to the router, enabling the user to stay connected to high-speed internet throughout. Not only this, Google router is apparently easy and quick to set-up using any smartphone, which in turn will let the user control functions from any remote location.

    Google Duo

    The internet pioneer along with the chatting app, Allo, launched Google Duo, a Skype-like application. Google Duo is available for both iOS and Android users. This app allows the users to make video calls and have a face-to-face conversations with their loved ones.

    Google Home

    Along with a wide range of listed gadgets, Google also unveiled Google Home. This is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant, which allows the users to just speak and the work will be done. Quite similar to Google Now and Apple's Siri, Google Home makes life at home easy. Be it turning off any electronics, switching on the television or more.

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