These 10 Crazy Gadgets of 2016 will leave you in awe!

    With advancements in the field of technology, companies are now coming up with various gadgets that can leave you in awe. Just in case you thought, that the consumer electronics space is simply limited to smartphones, ACs, Refrigerators etc., then the below listed 10 crazy gadgets will surely make you think again.

    Ehang Passenger Drone - Your Personal Chopper

    Well, this isn't quite the drone which you are used to seeing. Instead of flying around capturing video and clicking images, this drone can literally fly you to places. Yes, this is more like a personal helicopter but don't worry you needn't be a pilot to use it. It can automatically navigate to the destination you want to reach. Isn't that amazing?

    Segway Advanced Robot - Personal Assistant with a Twist

    Segways have come a long way and are no more advanced than before. In case you are unaware, let's remind you that these aren't those robot which just function as an automatic vacuum cleaner in your house. While the previous Segway Robots were intuitive means of personal transport, the new one adds a new twist to the already modern toy of present date. This new product from Segway tries to balance the best of both worlds. It's simply a modified version of the existing Segway, but this can also function as a personal assistant.

    These 10 Crazy Gadgets of 2016 will leave you in awe!

    Samsung Modular TV - Join two TVs to make a Bigger One

    What if you could attach two 32 inch TVs to make a 64 inch TV? Well, that kind of sounds crazy! But Samsung has apparently pulled off something liked that this year. At the CES 2016, the Korean Electronics giant showcased a Modular TV that can be formed by a conglomeration of a number of display which can also function independently. While the idea of modular TV is quite useful for homes, but it's quite useful in commercial spaces.

    These 10 Crazy Gadgets of 2016 will leave you in awe!

    Chevrolet Bolt - Cheaper than a Tesla

    With petroleum deposits depleting worldwide, carmakers are working really hard on products using alternate means of energy. Well, electric cars are one of those. But the main problem bogging them down are the significantly high prices. When one car go for a bigger sized petrol/diesel car at half the price, why should one go an electric one - this is the most popular thought that goes on in the mind of a consumer while making a buying decision.

    These 10 Crazy Gadgets of 2016 will leave you in awe!

    Chevrolet, however plans to change your perception. While Tesla paved the way for the mass population of electric cars, the all new Chevy Bolt aims to take it way forward. In fact it is one of the cheapest electric cars ever launched. Priced at $30,000 (Rs 19.5 lacs approx.) the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt comes with modern hatchback like looks, 200 miles of range, 10.2 inch touchscreen display on the dash.

    Livestream Movi - Capture moments as they happen

    What if you can capture all those rare and wonderful moments of life? No, weren't talking about clicking pictures or recording videos using your traditional camera. LiveStream has come up with an incredible product called Movi which is essentially a 4K camera meant to capture live events. The device connect with your iPhone and allow you to control 9 virtual camera on the fly. Besides that you can zoom, cut and follow faces by providing instructions directly from the app. Guess what it is priced quite competitively too, at $399 which is Rs 26,000 roughly.

    These 10 Crazy Gadgets of 2016 will leave you in awe!

    Eurocom Sky X9W - The Beast

    The all new mobile workstation from the Canadian company comes with specifications which you probably think of in your dream. Powered by the latest gen Intel Core i7 6700L SoC the Sky X9W laptop comes with 64GB RAM, 5TB SSD and a total of 6 USB ports including one USB 3.1 and five USB 3.0. As expected the Eurocom Sky X9W comes with a whopping price of $11,473 (approximately Rs 7.75 lacs).

    These 10 Crazy Gadgets of 2016 will leave you in awe!

    DietSensor SciO Food Scanner - Say no to 'Junk' Food

    What if you could find out whether the food you are about to eat is healthy for you or not? With people getting diet conscious these days, DietSensor has come up with SciO Food Scanner that can scan the chemical makeup of food or drink. However, the main drawback of the scanner lies in the fact that it scan only one piece of food at a time.

    Faraday Future FFZero1 - A Glimpse at the Future

    A brand new company called Faraday Future pulled off something quite extraordinary at the Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas. The electric car which can race from 0-60 kmph in just 3 secs, not only looks cool and swanky, but also gives a glimpse at what cars might end up looking in future. The Faraday Future FFZero1 can travel at a top speed of 320kmph and will enter mass production as soon as later this year.

    These 10 Crazy Gadgets of 2016 will leave you in awe!

    Parrot Disco - Simply throw it Away to make it Fly

    Parrot has already made a name of thanks to its entry level drones, but none was as cool as this 'Disco'. Dubbed the Parrot Disco, the all new drone can gain enough momentum to stay afloat with just toss in the air. With speeds as high as 80kmph and a Full HD camera intricately positioned at its nose, the Parrot Disco can fly for as long as 45 minutes.

    LG Rollable Display - You can literally Roll it

    Just in case you thought those rumours regarding rollable displays were false, let's remind you that LG has come up with something nearly same at this year's CES. While LG's all new rollable display isn't ready to find its place in any consumers devices off late, it's quite mind boggling to see that the Korean Electronics giant has indeed come up with something so incredible.

    These 10 Crazy Gadgets of 2016 will leave you in awe!

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