These 10 gadgets and apps you can't do without in India

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    Technology is on the rise and booming rapidly than we thought it would. This has positively affected the whole world and indeed taken an essential part in people’s day-to-day lives and being without them would be unimaginable for some of us.

    These 10 gadgets and apps you can't do without in India

    In fact, most of them can't live without mobile phones, televisions, laptops, computers, iPad, and others. Also, the technology has also increased the productivity of almost every person and industry in the world. Today, in this article, we have listed out 10 apps and gadgets that you can't do without in India.

    Mobile phones

    With smartphones, waiting for things is less painful now just because you can keep yourself entertained in that meantime. Not just, posting your opinion and complaining about things and happenings becomes a whole lot easier which can be done through Twitter and Facebook on your smartphone.

    As a result, many of the companies use social media as a part of their customer service. However, these some of the use cases. This makes smartphone one of the important gadgets to overlook.


    In this fast-paced world, people are mostly in contact with the virtual world and spending more time online. In this scenario, Facebook plays an integral role in connecting one another around the world be it your friends, family and also get to know about various things. Apart from connecting with friends, you can use this app in various ways -- entertainment, connections, business and more.


    Laptops are the compact version of the desktop, which can be carried easily on the go unlike the latter. This device serves the best of both worlds with the maximum portability of a tablet and a larger memory size for all of your files, like a desktop. For some, this gadget is the lifeline, as they will be immersed in it for professional sake. Laptops can be used for a variety of purpose including education, work, personal use, and entertainment.

    Power bank

    Battery life is one of the main concern when it comes to smartphones. This has been plaguing the market for quite sometimes and some steps have been started taking. However, if you are in for a long day, power bank is the only thing that can save your day considering your smartphones battery life. This is available in various form factors, costs and powers too.


    Gone are the days, when you share files on your Bluetooth with a huge waiting time depending on the file. Now every smartphone in India has this app called Shareit, where you can transfer even heavy files like movies in less than 5 minutes or so. Now, Shareit is the new Bluetooth for transferring files.


    It is one of the most used apps not only in India but around the world. Traditional messaging has been replaced with this app for messaging to your contacts. Started as IM service, now it has all the functionalities videos, calling, stories and more. This is one of the apps, that Indians cannot do without.


    This is another fast-growing photo-sharing social platform and it has gained more importance in the last couple of years. This is the perfect place to check out some nice photos and visuals that illustrate the philosophy of a brand and not an ad. It is also used to post their pictures in day to day life too.


    Headphones remain as one of the important gadgets in our day to day life, that helps us during the commutation. They can be used to listen to music, to watch television, to listen to the radio. It is not only used to do all the above activities but also helps us in creating your own work zone, prevent distractions/interruptions during your work.

    Google Maps

    For some, Google Maps are the daily driver whether they're driving through the day, navigating public transportation, or walking unfamiliar streets. It is the most efficient way to helps us reach our destination.

    Online music streaming app

    Soon after the Internet boom, most of us started listening to the music through the online streaming app, instead of downloading songs in the mobile. This method serves the best of both worlds by making us listen to songs in high quality and save memory on your device.

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