These Gadgets in Your Home Might Become Obsolete Sooner Than Expected

Gadgets that will become obsolete soon.

    Adapting to the latest technology is what all of us wish for today. Living without technology is hard to imagine as it makes life easy and reduces manpower.

    These Gadgets in Your Home Might Become Obsolete Sooner Than Expected

    There are scores of newly designed gadgets that are adorning every home today, and is gradually moving into everything starting from appliances to thermostats. As soon as a new technology pops up, we often have the tendency to discard the old ones or dump them in our store rooms.

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    Even though most of us are all set to adapt to the latest technologies, there are people who prefer sticking to their old, legacy DVD players or cassette tapes rather than the newly developed music systems or even music streaming applications. Hence, with the technological arena advancing at a much faster rate than one can ever imagine, this makes way for the old tangible devices or assets to become obsolete soon. If not soon, this might happen in just a few years from now. Let's check out a few gadgets that will be dead soon.

    Low-end digital cameras

    Having a digi cam was a status symbol just a few years back until the high-end DSLRs became mainstream. Our smartphones capture better pictures than the 8MP to 12MP digital cameras, and also offer various effects and new features that these low-end cams lack. Hence, having a high-end smartphone is pretty equivalent to having a compact digital camera, which is nothing but just a waste of money.

    Most people today prefer carrying smartphones that not only capture clear pictures and videos but also deliver HD quality results that are much better than those captured by digi cams. This is one of the most crucial reasons that these low-end digital cameras will fade out completely in no time.

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    No More Remote Controls

    Televisions always come with remote controls. But not anymore. With the introduction of numerous smart TVs lately that let you operate your television with voice control technology, the traditional remote controls are fading out. All that you need to do is just speak what you want and the task will be done. Be it changing channels or anything else, smart televisions are quick in their operation.

    For instance, Sony smart TVs include Google Home, which is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant with Chromecast built-in that acts like a remote control. Hence, remote controls might not last for too long in the age of digital advancement.

    Traditional Landline Phones

    With a wide range of smartphones coming up almost every day, people today surely don't prefer using landlines anymore. As compared to landlines, smartphones were way easy to carry as these not only allow users to make calls but also let them do a variety of other tasks like chatting, accessing the internet and lot more that aren't possible with landlines. This is why landlines might become obsolete in absolutely no time.

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    Standalone Alarm Clocks

    To put an alarm or check the time, smartphones are at our rescue, and we don't require a separate device for that. Wall and alarm clocks no longer have the same value as they did earlier. In addition to smartphones, there are other smart gadgets that have already taken on the traditional alarm clocks including fitness trackers, tablets or home automation systems. Even a survey claims that smartphone owners use their device as alarm clocks rather than the standalone alarm clocks.

    Music CDs, DVDs

    There are a lot of free music streaming applications available today that have already taken on the old CDs and DVDs. With the new technology, one can stream their favorite tracks anytime and anywhere, which wasn't quite possible with the CDs. Hence, with the availability of iTunes, Google Play, and other download music services, fewer people are buying CDs these days. Due to the digital advancement, CDs will soon become obsolete.

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