This Alexa-Enabled Water Purifier Perfectly Fits A Smart Home Ecosystem


There is more to a smart home ecosystem than smart lights and speakers. Numerous household products can leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to modernize the traditional home setup. One such product is water purifiers. An absolute necessity in the 20th century, water-purifiers can be made smarter by adding some thoughtful internet-based features. Hindware is doing just that with its latest range of IoT-enabled water purifiers.

This Alexa-Enabled Water Purifier Fits Smart Home Ecosystem

HIndware's Elara iPro is a new water-purifier with IoT capabilities that make it a good fit for a smart home setup. We got a chance to test its smart features to gain a better understanding of IoT applications in this relatively new product category. Let's find out.

Access Critical Insights On Your Smartphone

Access Critical Insights On Your Smartphone

IoT-enabled devices connect to smartphones via companion apps, giving users access to a variety of useful information. In Elara iPro's case, the Hindware smartphone application offers most of the information needed about a product that purifies water for safe drinking. The useful insights include- real-time TDS monitoring, tank status (water capacity in litres), remaining filter life and water consumption data.

Moreover, the mobile app displays a graph of TDS history for a more comprehensive understanding of the quality of water you are drinking, which is of utmost importance. In addition, the app also features a direct connection feature, which takes a while to establish, but allows direct connectivity between your phone and the purifier. The feature lets you access all important features without the need for an active internet connection.

Ask Alexa!!

Ask Alexa!!

The IoT-enabled water purifier also connects to Alexa smart speakers, thanks to the dedicated Alexa skill for Hindware smart appliances. When enabled, you can simply ask Alexa some important questions about the functionality of the water purifier. For instance, Alexa can inform you about the output water quality, filter life and total water purified in a day. Our Alexa speaker responses were pretty quick and accurate.

The Alexa skill could use some additions though. A voice command to register a complaint or to find out the status of an existing complaint will be very useful.

Pro-Active Maintenance

Pro-Active Maintenance

The water purifier has a touch display icon for online service call registration in case of failure or issue with the product. The touch panel has a dedicated customer care button to register complaints. You can also use the smartphone application for maintenance and service of the IoT-powered water purifier.

The app lets you register a complaint in a jiffy without going through the time-consuming IVR process. You can also track the status of filed complaints from the mobile application.

Important Product Details At Your Disposal

Important Product Details At Your Disposal

Even though this isn't an IoT feature, the ease of access to the digital information of the product is still much better than preserving hard copies. The 'Product detail' section displays all-important product details such as product name, type, model number, serial number, dealer name, date of purchase and end of warranty date. You can also attach the hard copy of your bill and can download the product's manual from the product section.

7-Stage Water Purification System & UV LED For Water Sterilization

The Elara iPro has a 7- stage purification setup featuring RO + UF + Minerals + UV LED system. As per Hindware, the water purifier is suitable for all sources of water with TDS up to 1800ppm. It has a 7-litre water tank and comes with a detachable drip tray to place a 1-litre bottle or glass.

Importantly, the Elara iPro water comes fitted with an in-tank UV LED that claims to sterilize the water periodically whenever the tank is filled after filtration through the RO Membrane and other filters. Hindware also mentions that the UV LED also eradicates any possibility of re-growth of bacteria and germs during the storage process.

The water purifier can be mounted on a wall or kept on a table and comes equipped with a magnet assisted detachable front cover for service ease. Priced at Rs. 18,990, the Elara iPro makes for a good water purification system in a smart home ecosystem for modern households.

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