From Food Scanner to Smart Belt: 10 Crazy Gadgets Launched in 2016 So Far!

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Ever wondered what are the most absurd & unconventional technological inventions are in the world? Well you don't have to go far to find the answer. Recently enough the world has made some unthinkable gadgets which may or may not have a practical use in real life.

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Sensorwake Alarm


Now a French startup has come up with an Alarm Clock that can release various pleasant scents like of the ocean, of a lush jungle, of food, of chocolate, or even a coffee on your face. But we fail to understand that whether these pleasant scents are meant to wake up a person or rather help them go to in a further peaceful deep sleep.

This alarm clock is available for $109, in case you want to find out for yourself the real purpose behind this clock.

E-Hang 184 Drone


This is the world's first electric, personal Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) - E-Hang. It has eight blades carefully placed on the four sides of the pod and can fly for 23 minutes or 10 miles on a single charge. It costs around $300,000 but the major setback of this product is that it is still illegal to operate or fly in a drone, in most of the countries.



It can automatically tighten your shoe, counts calories, an adjusting shock absorber and even a foot heater. The Digitsole can be operated by your smartphone.



Rahul Baxi, 28, based in downtown Oakland, is from Adelaide, Australia who invented this SmartyPans.

SmartyPans tells you what you're cooking, how much of food you should put, how many calories it has. It is connected to an App in order to constantly monitor your food and tell you exactly what needs to be done when.

Segway Advanced Personal Robot


Segway, Intel, and Xiaomi are working together on this Segway Advanced Personal Robot. It hides away while you ride on its, then can pop out its head and carry out functions like collecting groceries or answering your doorbell, etc.

DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner


Well looks like your mother or wife was just not enough to tell you what to eat and what not to. So here it is a Diet Scanner that can scan your food, analyze it and tell whether you should be eating it or not according to your diet plan. DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner is developed on the SCiO platform.



Brainbit is a big obnoxious headgear that is fitted with electrodes which constantly monitor the wearer's emotional state. Well you talk about getting some privacy or emotional space and this is what you get?! Seriously!

LG Signature Fridge


The LG smart fridge has a panel that shows you what's inside like you couldn't just open it and see it for yourself. While it also opens the front door automatically when you stand near it, I wonder what will happen when you just walk around it to do some other work. (Open-Shut-Open-Shut)



You need to do is upload a picture from an app that you download on your phone and The Ripplemaker will make the whole picture on your coffee. But first of all its not only an overpriced machine but it can even take a lot of the time making the ripple which may result into a hot coffee turning cold.

Samsung Welt Smart Belt


A smart belt that identifies your waistline and counts the number of steps you take in a day. The belt also tightens on its own when it feels that you are overeating.

So we don't know whether these things are really required or will they ever be used by anyone in the future but we do know that scientists & engineers will go all the way to startle our minds every day. To all the great & even the not so great inventions of all time. Cheers!!

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