Unique Gadgets That Caught Everyone’s Attention In 2019


The number of gadgets launched in 2019 hit a new high. We're not just talking about smartphones, laptops or televisions. We're discussing beyond mirrors with smart screens or smart lights or even robotic pets. While some of these gadgets are practical, some aren't; while some are affordable, some might burn a hole in your pocket.

Top Tech Gadgets Of 2019

Take for instance the Xiaomi fish tank that can be powered by a power bank. Or the gigantic TV called The Wall by Samsung that blends seamlessly into the background when not in use. The year 2019 grabbed everyone's attention with some unique gadgets rolled out. We've compiled a list of some of the most unique gadgets 2019.

Distinctive Wearables, Accessories Of 2019

Distinctive Wearables, Accessories Of 2019

Wearable technology has not only made heads turn, but have also saved lives. While smartwatches and fitness bands are immensely popular, there are a couple of unique wearables that have caught our attention. Here's a Smart Belt that can do a lot more than a regular belt. Interestingly, Smart Belt 3.0 is the most funded accessory on Kickstarter.

The Smart Belt 3.0 can track waistlines, fitness activities, and even features sensors that can detect a fall. Plus, there's a USB port and comes with an app where users can track their activities and features of the belt.

New Tech Gadgets 2019

The Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses also joins the list of the most distinctive accessories of 2019. Bose brought out the unique gadget this year that combined two things: fashion and wireless earbuds priced Rs. 21,900. The Bose Frames themselves will play the music stream from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Bose, known for its superior sound quality, has ensured that the Frames play the music only for the user. Bose ensures that the music will be heard only for the person wearing the Frames and no one else. The company has released two styles for the frames, where one comes with rounded edges and the other with square edges.

Most Interesting Gadgets 2019 For Smart Home

Most Interesting Gadgets 2019 For Smart Home

We've already got smart homes with connected devices like security cameras, doorbells, lighting, and more. But here are manufacturers bringing out certain quirky and novel home gadgets that were unheard of till now. Here is a TV that rolls like a yoga mat from LG that fits our top tech gadgets 2019 list. At the CES event in 2019, LG launched a 65-inch rollable OLED TV.

The rollable TV comes fitted in a rectangular base and can stretch out or roll back to a compact size. When not watching the TV, you can simply roll it and pack it away. The LG rollable TV comes with a 4K HDR Smart TV technology and includes Google Assistant and Alexa voice assistant support. The price of the TV was not announced and LG says the rollable mechanism can work for another 20-30 years.

Coolest Tech Gadgets 2019

There's more, but this might be a little weird. We're talking about intelligent toilets. That's right, Kohler showcased its intelligent toilet at CES that costs $7,000 (roughly Rs. 50,000). And by intelligent we mean, there are surround sound speakers, ambient mood lighting, and Alexa voice support. You can literally ask Alexa to flush, play the music or read the news.

2019's Kitchen Exclusives

2019's Kitchen Exclusives

2019 also witnessed some gadgets that were designed exclusively for the kitchen. Here is a microwave oven from GE Appliances called the Kitchen Hub that costs $1,199 (approximately Rs.85,000). The unique part? It has a display that allows users to browse through social media videos or even stream content. Want to check a recipe while you cook? No problem, GE's Kitchen Hub can do that for you.

Hottest Tech Gadgets 2019

Besides, there's the Ember 14 oz. Temperature Control Mug. A large segment of the population worldwide needs a cup of coffee to kickstart their day. The smart coffee mug uses internal heating technology to keep the coffee hot for up to an hour and costs $101 (around Rs. 7,200).

Users can skip multiple trips to the coffee machine by setting the ideal temperature, controlled via the Bluetooth through the mobile app. Ember had launched its smart mugs range previously, but the latest one in 2019 is the 14-ounce version that packs certain enhanced features.

Other Eccentric Gadgets Of 2019

Other Eccentric Gadgets Of 2019

Keeping aside the growing list of smartphones, smartwatches, and TVs, other smart gadgets aim to make life simpler. Take the suitcase that moves on its own, Ovis designed the suitcase using self-driving technology. The smart suitcase packs GPS trackers, charging ports, and motion-detection sensors that follow the user. There is also the option of switching back to normal mode as well.

Best UniqueGadgets 2019

Talking about suitcases and travel, Waverly Labs has invented an audio device to help monolinguistic travelers with their expeditions. The audio device translates the language on spot to help people converse easily in different languages. The early bird pricing of the audio device is $99 (around Rs.7,100), but the retail pricing is around $149 (Rs. 10,600).

The simplest way to set up the device is to attach one part of the device to your ear and hand over the other part to someone native to the region. The device, capable of instant translation, helps to create an easy conversation between the two people. Waverly Labs says the technology is still in beta stage, but travelers could get their hands on the early version.

The List Goes On

The List Goes On

The above compilation is a minimalist one. The year saw some of the most advanced technologies in various sectors like healthcare, security, drone delivery, telecom, and so on. The massive show at CES electronics convention is the proof of it, where brands (new and old) showcased some of the best products of 2019.

Moreover, we also have some massive improvements in automobiles with the Tesla Cybertruck, Harley-Davidson LiveWire Motorcycle, and much more. As we now come to the end of 2019, the expectations from 2020 are spiking. For one, we can certainly expect the 5G network to get a boost and hopefully with it, some 5G-enabled gadgets.

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