World Password Day: Evolution from alphanumeric string to the upcoming EMOJI string

The evolution of passwords is here.

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Today is the World Password Day! Well, you read it right. The first Thursday of May is considered the World Password Day.

Evolution from alphanumeric string to the upcoming EMOJI string

As identity theft, hacking, and other phishing attacks are getting common, everyone is talking about the importance of having a strong password that cannot be guessed or hacked by others. But did you know that the significant technological developments have also brought in advancements to passwords? Well, with the new technologies, even passwords are getting advanced and the same has progressed from simple alphanumeric string to iris scanning.

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This World Password Day, we at GizBot, bring to you the password revolution showing the various types of passwords that are in use right now. Also, the upcoming password trend is here. Do scroll down for more interesting details.

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Alphanumeric string

The alphanumeric strings with a combination of uppercase and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters are commonly used as passwords even now. These are used for most purposes such as emails, social media accounts, websites, netbanking, and more.

PIN or passcode

The PIN or passcode is usually a 4-digit or 8-digit number that is used to safeguard sensitive information. It is similar to the lock screen PIN, the ATM PIN, etc.

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Lock screen pattern

These days, lock screen patterns are pretty common. You can hardly find someone having just ‘swipe to unlock' on their smartphone. The use of patterns have become a common thing among smartphone users and the same is also used to keep some app details safe.

Fingerprint scanners

With the immense popularity of biometric scanning technology, many technologies have come up. The fingerprint scanners are the most popularly used biometric technology. This is used in most smartphones that are launched in the recent times. The fingerprint sensors add more functionality besides just unlocking or securing phones.

Iris scanner

This is a new type of biometric scanning tech that is introduced in a few devices. The recent Samsung flagships - Galaxy S8 and S8+ have an iris scanner in them adding an additional level of security.

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Facial recognition

Facial recognition is another biometric tech that has been included in the recent Samsung flagship smartphones. The same is also present in a few other devices but not to unlock sensitive information.

EMOJI strings will soon become your password

Instead of digits or alphanumeric strings, you will soon be able to us a strong of emojis to unlock your smartphone. Basically, you can soon unlock your phone with a wink, a cat, a monkey or any other emoji. Interesting, isn't?

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