Fin Wearable Ring: 5 Things This India's Invention Can Do For You Using Your Thumb

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We have heard about smartphones and smartbands. But the technology is always moving, changing and adapting. And hence we have Fin wearable ring technology that takes the entire concept of gesture interface a notch up.

The new innovation was brought to life by a young Indian techie who has invented a ring-type device that can turn your palm into a gesture interface. Apparently, with the gesture interface around, users can control multiple devices, including mobile phones, television, music system, gaming console to name a few.

Fin Wearable Ring: 5 Things This India's Invention Can Do For You

Now the smart ring called Fin promises to be the next and biggest upcoming revolution in wearable technology. In fact, Fin is the first hardware product that was developed by a Kochi-based robotics start-up, headed by 23-year-old Rohildev.

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"Fin, according to a report in the Indian Science Journal (ISJ) web site, can transmit these natural gestures as commands to any connected Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone, a music player, a gaming console, a digital interface inside a car, a television set or a home automation device," a previous BGR report stated.

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But what's the big deal about this new technology? How can the entire gesture interface be limited to just your palms? And how will it be helpful in terms of everyday use?

We take a look at the top 5 ways the technology will help users in the long run.

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Fin Wearable Features: Fingers Connect Everything

Fin is configurable beyond your wildest dreams. Apparently, users can assign each activities of connected devices to each segments of their fingers and it can act like Hot Keys. So just a tap on the Segment of the Finger can make your phone's Silent Mode ON/OFF while the phone is in your pocket.

Fin Wearable Features: Support for Visually Impaired

Seeing is better than believing. Here is a video feedback from a few blind people on how Fin can make their life better and to have that hope and light in the life. Check it out.

Fin Wearable Features: Zero Visibility Issues

You need not worry about visibility in this regard. Fin provides 100% screen visibility without any hindrance of your fingers on the screen while playing game, surfing internet, reading E-book etc. Pretty neat, huh?

Fin Wearable Features: Revolutionizing the Touch Interface

You thumb is all you will need to get the tech running. Thumb is accessible to anywhere in the palm and its more natural too. So wearing a Fin will make your palm as a touch interface that will enable people to interact with Smartphones.

Fin Wearable Features: Controlling Your Car

Fin can control your car from being your cars key to controlling your phone while driving, navigate your maps, receive calls and read messages, change music, and other car utilities just by finger swipe without even taking your hands off the steering wheel there by not distracting yourself from driving.

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