Forget Chargers! Now Use Hot Water to Charge Your Mobile Phone Battery

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You have been using plug points to charge your phones all this while and you ask is there an alternative to do otherwise? Well, have you ever considered hot water as a viable option?

According to an exclusive report by TheMobileIndian, Ryan Johnstone, an indipendent inventor from Nairobi, Kenya has come up with a new device that can charge mobile phones and other smaller devices, with the power of hot water.

Forget Chargers! Now Use Hot Water to Charge Your Mobile Phone Battery

Referred to as the bottle charger, the apparatus uses hot water to run a small turbine, which in turn generates electricity, strong enough to charge small devices.

As quoted in the report, Ryan explains, "The Bottle Charger works like a small wind turbine. Instead of natural wind currents, the pressurized air is created by expansion and contraction due to the presence and absence of hot water." The pressurized air creates enough force to run the small turbine.

He further went on to explain, the temperature of the water taken in to the apparatus should be 100 degrees Celsius. Once that is given a check, the Bottle Charger will be able charge small devices for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the Surrounding temperatures.

The Bottle Charger makes use of a 20 litre water jar along with a Blackbeard Unidirectional Constant Turbine create electricity. Apparently even tap water can be used to power this contraption.

While, the project is still in it's initial stages, however it shows signs of great promise. Consequently, the crowd funding website Indiegogo has offered to help Ray by raising money for his project.

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