FreedomPop: LTE Chip Launched For Your Wi-Fi Only iPad and Android Tablets

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Wi-Fi company, FreedomPop is planning to bring LTE clips to iPad and Android tablets. The company had been struggling hard, right from the launch to take it to the internet providers and carriers both in the national and international level. FreedomPop has been introducing a number of freebies and low-cost products to its customers.

"LTE clip" is FreedomPop's new item, and it promises more of the same experience to the users. It is a device that promises to give its users 3G service and LTE facilities to tablets. The tip on this new development came to Forbes through an unnamed source.

FreedomPop: LTE Chip Launched For Your Wi-Fi Only iPad, Android Tablet

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The connectivity of the device, LTE, is said to have come through a Sprint Network. The LTE clip is also expected to be launched in the later part of 2013. The new clip appears to be really small with a weight of only 2.5 ounces. The device also is expected to get a battery back-up of 6 hours with the new LTE clip.

The LTE clip is noted to be compatible with almost all the tablets that are available in the market today. This includes Apple's, Android and smartphones. Using LTE clip is rather simple. The user just has to clip on the LTE clip to the device, and this creates a Wi-Fi network. The tablet can then be connected to the Wi-Fi network. FreedomPop promises buyers a 500 MB of 4 G services at zero cost every month. It is also said that the LTE clip is capable enough to connect 8 devices at a time.


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