Fujifilm Announces X100S and X20 High End Cameras at CES 2013

By: Gizbot Bureau

Fujifilm has announced the successors to X100 and X10 - the brand new X100S and X20 respectively prior to CES 2013. The compact shooters were eagerly awaited by camera aficionados. Fujifilm made an official announcement of the new camera range via press releases, which disclosed that X100S is the camera with the fastest autofocus ((0.8s) in the world. This is supposed to the fastest autofocus for any non-interchangeable, APS-C lens camera.

X100S comes equipped with X Trans APS-C CMOS II sensor (16 MP). The lens (f/2) is similar to that of X100. As for the aperture of the camera, a 24 mm f/2 depth of field will be given by the lens as compared to 35mm f/2. The sensors claimed to impart performance which is comparable to a full-frame output. It also has a hybrid viewfinder which will combine optical and EVF.

Fujifilm Announces X100S and X20 High End Cameras at CES 2013

The new noteworthy feature of X100X is the Digital Split Image display which will aid in the display of dual images both ion the right and the left. This will help with manual focusing.

X20 packs an X-Trans COMOS II 2/3 inch, 12 MP sensor. This is equipped with a barrel zoom lens (f/2.0-2.8 4x) which is manual and also an advanced optical viewfinder which is non-hybrid.

Both the cameras sport the sought after feature called ‘focus peak highlight' which will aid manual shooters. Both the cameras can also shoot HD video (1080p) at 60fps.

Fujifilm has not revealed any details about pricing or availability in the press releases but with less than a day for CES to begin, details are expected to come out soon.

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