Google Announces Newer Version Of Google Glass With Mono Earbud

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Google has announced that current Glass users are eligible for a one-time option to swap out their existing Glass for a new unit. So what's new with the next version of Google Glass? Read on to find out.

Google Announces Newer Version Of Google Glass With Mono Earbud

While the first generation Google Glass had only the bone-vibrating speaker, the new version includes a new mono earbud. There's also support for prescription lenses and compatibility with a new line of sun glasses. There might also be a choice of colors that users will be able to pick from.

Apart form this, Google has added that the new device comes with boosted specs and better hardware on the inside. Fans are also expecting Google to add better battery life to the upcoming device.

The first steps of the exchange program are expected to begin in November. Users will be given 60 days to make the swap. IT is worth noting that current Explorers are still the only ones that can get their hands on the $1500 Google Glass, but Google recently started letting users invite up to three friends to join the program and will now ship Glass to those that join.
All explorers who purchased Glass before October 28, 2013, are eligible for the upgrade. Talking about price, the company did not the users will be charged for the newer unit. But if you are eligible for the sawp, Google will notify you next month.

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