Google Contact Lens with Micro Cameras On the Cards?

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The 90s was a transitional phase in the human history with a whole lot of advancements happening in each sector. And one such sector was the movie industry with a host of sci-fi titles showing off futuristic gadgets that we wanted to own at first sight. However, it seems like one of those technologies could soon become a reality.

According to reports (and taking a cue heavily from a Spielberg or a Stanley Kubrick movie), Google is currently working on developing a certain type of contact lens that will have a camera and sensors fitted in it.

Google Contact Lens with Micro Cameras On the Cards?

Image Courtesy: Patent Bolt

Keeping the concept of the previously introduced Google Glass in mind, the camera will allow users to take hands-free pictures and even help the blind to navigate. Pretty futuristic, huh?

"One of Google's many patent applications regarding future smart contact lenses generally relates to systems and/or methods for capturing image data representing a scene in a gaze of a viewer via a thin image capture component integrated on or within a contact lens," Patent Bolt states in its report related to the same.

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Later the image data is processed, and then "employing the processed image data to perform functions locally on the contact lens or remotely on one or more remote devices. The term 'images capture component' simple means a camera."

As reports have recently suggested, the internet giant already has a patent that's in plan for a camera lens with micro camera containing embedded sensors that can be controlled just by blinking.

Interestingly enough, the new patent incorporates ideas from Google Glass smart glasses and Google's tear-scanning smart contact lenses. But exactly will the new tech work? Patent Bolt explains:

"For example, a thin (image capture) camera component can be embedded on or within a contact lens such that it does not substantially affect thickness of a conventional contact lens."

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"Furthermore, the camera component can be aligned such that it tracks and generates image data of an image of a scene corresponding to the gaze of the wearer, without obstructing the wearer's view."

More details regarding the new camera fitted contact lens are expected to surface later down the year.

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