Google Fit Officially Unveiled At Google IO: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

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During Google I/O, Google's Ellie Powers previewed Google Fit. And in case you don't know, Google Fit is the search company's new platform that allows for fitness data aggregation.

As revealed by Powers, the Fit platform will work on both wearables and other peripherals. It has already been revealed that companies like Adidas and Nike will be taking part in the project.

Google Fit Officially Unveiled At Google IO: 5 Things You Need to Know

Nike is set to add its Fuel offering to the Fit stream for other apps to utilize. However, other companies that will be taking part include Adidas, Intel, LG, and Motorola.

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But how exactly does Google intend to carry this tech out? Apparently, the company will use a single set of APIs that will assist Google's Fit platform to collect and aggregates data from fitness apps to allow for better management of a user's fitness stream. Users will also have the option to delete info related to that as per their liking.

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But while the stats look good enough, what is the basic idea behind it? What do the fineprints for the same say? We take closer look at the 5 things you need to know about the Fit.

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Google Fit Officially Unveiled: Vs iOS 8 HealthKit

Before the Google Fit came into being, The Telegraph reported that Google Fit and Apple's HealthKit would be hitting the market around the same time. And since these are early days in the health domain, we are still to find out who has the upper hand. But it's for sure that new channels in the health domain will open up with the arrival of these.

Google Fit Officially Unveiled: The Basics

So the Google Fit is basically an open platform that lets users control their fitness data. Google Fit lets developers build smarter apps and manufacturers focus on creating amazing devices. Users can connect their app and devices to Google Fit with the Recording API, and also access and edit the user's fitness history with the History API.

Google Fit Officially Unveiled: Vs Samsung Sami

Samsung may have grown a somewhat partnership with Google since it uses Google's Android OS, but the Google Fit may still face a bit of competition from a Samsung-based biometric data platform called Sami. Sami, if you didn't know, is a "data bank" of people's biometric information.

Google Fit Officially Unveiled: Already Revealed on June 26

In a previous report, according to TechCrunch, Google Fit is a "fitness ecosystem" that would debut on June 26. And true to the promise, the Fit has already come into being, courtesy of the the Google I/O.

Google Fit Officially Unveiled: Not the First One

Google introduced Google Health back in 2008, but decided to pull it down in 2012. CNET later noted that Google Health centered around the digitization of health records. But now we know what the new service is capable of.

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