Google Glass still in Developing mode: Project Lead

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In 2012, Google launched Google Glass, which is expected to release early this year, however, the news has come from software giant end that the device is still in flux with the ongoing work to refine hardware, develop suitable apps and improve battery life.

Reportedly, the project lead has stated that Google is not ready to cite the specific features of this product even though it has demonstrated photo/video capture and messaging.

As of now, the project is concentrating on making the platform more robust. It will include both hardware and software aspects so that the product can be shipped to developers early in this year. The Project Glass is aiming to achieve all-day battery longevity from the headset.

Google Glass still in Developing mode: Project Lead

This would be better than its major competitors Vuzix and Olympus. The maximum runtime predicted for the former one is about two hours and the latter one is up to eight hours. Olympus can give eight hours only when used in periodic chunks.

As per the report from the project lead, the Google employees are now interacting with the Glass using the side-mounted trackpad. Even so, the former augmented reality researcher says that the project is trying to implement audio in and audio out (voice command) features for interaction.

The venture is also experimenting with head gestures for conveying the response from wearers. There were rumors that the Google Glass supports private audio playback for the wearers. However, the project lead confirmed the new project will be entirely new platform without paying any tribute to true augmented reality in first generation. It also assured that there will be elements paired with Google Now in the Glass.

A full SDK for Glass can be expected while coding for headset and cloud-based API during shipping. The developers will be able to integrate this API with Glass and use variety of Glass services. According to the project lead, it is the same API which is used to set up e-mail and calendar services for testing on Glass.

The main advantage of API is that it can select data as per the user need instead of bombarding the user with all sorts of information like in the Smartphone screen. This will enable the wearers to pick up specific types of e-mails. Apart from that, the selected e-mails will be displayed on the eyepiece or read out with the help of text-to-speech feature. The feature also supports spoken replies.

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