Google Glass Updated With Brilliant Calender And Maps Integration Features

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Google has issued a software update for its Glass wearable computer that allows for stronger Google calender and Maps integration with the device. Apart from this, the company has announced that it will be offering prescription lens options for the product at no extra cost, says Mashable.

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Google Glass Updated With Brilliant Calender And Maps Integration

Starting with the software updates, the advanced Google Calendar integration will allow users to access their personalized calendar appointments and upcoming events using the device.

"As you zig-zag about your day, you can now pull up your agenda by saying, 'ok glass, Google,' followed by something like 'my agenda' or 'what am I doing in November?'" stated the company on a blog post. "This will help you get there on time, keep track of what's next and avoid double-booking."

The Calendar search feature works for Google Calendar users with Gmail and can be private-search enabled, according to a Glass support post. The improved set-up process for glass means that users will have an easier time getting glass connected to their phones during first use.

Moving to Maps features, there are a set of new commands that allow users to use verbal commands such as "ok glass, get directions to home" or "get directions to work," according to the post. Users will have to tell Google Maps where they live and work. After this, they can refer to these locations as home or work while using Glass. So if you're outside, and want to get the fastest directions to get home, all you have to do is ask your wearable computer.

The new update also gives users the ability to be able to screencast, or show their video content taken with Glass on their Android mobile phone or tablet. Google has also provided a new "start screencast" command in the notification drawer of the corresponding Android device, said the post.

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