Google Talking Shoes: Adidas Sneakers Transformed into Uber Gadget

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They say, we are in a time, where technology plays a major role in our day to day lives. Many of the gadgets and gizmos, which were thought to be a segment of our imagination, continue to become reality. It would be an understatement to say technology has simplified our lives.

Google is one such company, that has looked to push the boundaries of innovation and it's newest experiment, is perhaps a fine example of that. Google in order to highlight their new advertising platform called Art, Copy and Code, unveiled a pair of talking shoes. Basically they are Adidas sneakers jammed with a small computer, an accelerometer, a pressure sensor, a gyroscope, speaker and Bluetooth.

Google Talking Shoes: Adidas Sneakers Transformed into Uber Gadget

The shoes can can connect to you phone via Bluetooth technology to your phones or communicate with you and others via speaker on the top tongue of the shoe. This is something that might be beneficial to Athletes in near future as it could be designed to give out advice based on data generated, to enhance performance of an athlete..

Aman Govil, lead of the advertising arts team, told ABC News that the 'Talking shoe' is an experiment in how one can use connected objects to tell stories on the Web.

Govil told ABC: 'If you put what the shoe knows through an algorithmic logic engine, it can translate it into copy. A good copy can give the shoes, it's very own personality.

The shoe will be able to give you compliments or trash talk to others, it can talk to you as your running. It can stay connected to social media networks and post msgs to which, your friends can comment on.

The device-cum-shoes seams like a perfect companion and it would be great to see it in shelves some day.

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