Google Updates: Goolge Glass Gets New Features While Reader Gets Buried In A Grave

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Tech giant Google has pushed a new update that will make Google glass more awesome then it is. Till now users did not have an option browse web pages on the wearable device as it did not have any browser. The new update is going to be a major one as it will add a browser to the device along with a host of new features.

Google Updates: Goolge Glass Gets New Features


Google has added "View website" screen" which on tapping brings up a the web page. Once you are on the web page you can perform fallowing functions:

You can slide your finger on the touchpad on the side to scroll through the browser.

Slide two fingers forward or backward to zoom.

Now you can look around the browser by placing two fingers on the touchpad, move your head around the pan.

As you look around, you can tap to select anything in the center of the screen.

More Verbal Commands

Now, suppose someone sends you a text, you can issue a the voice command "Ok Glass, read aloud" and Google glass reads it a aloud.

If you want to reply to that message, you can say "Ok Glass, Reply" and the glass allows you to answer to it.

You can receive calls by just saying "ok glass, answer call."

you can share a image with a person by just saying " ok glass, share with "

Easy Contact

Now you can tap to send a message or make a phone call to any of your Gmail "My contacts." When you tap on "message" from the main menu, you swipe through your contact's profile photos and tap to send a message.

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Google Updates: Goolge Glass Gets New Features

Google RSS Reader

On the other side of the news, Google shutdown it's RSS service on July 1st, as it said it would. The reader which allowed users to quickly see updates on their favorite websites has closed down as a result of decline of usage, according to the search giant. Reportedly people are pouring in to other alternatives providing similar service.

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