How Apple Watch Could Pave the Way for Next-Gen Flirting

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Apple's new Watch offering has already been made public. The company, apart from launching the two new iPhones, had also offered a full view of its new wearable. And needless to say, it packs innovation and user compatibility as expected.

However, when the company first came out in the open with the new Watch, Chief Executive Tim Cook highlighted few of its features. And one of them that he mentioned about involved the option to send a user's heartbeat to someone else wearing an Apple Watch.

How Apple Watch Could Pave the Way for Next-Gen Flirting

And if you think that's taking it a bit beyond the ordinary, according to analysts it's certainly possible. According to a recent CNBC report: "Analysts at IDC estimate that 2014 will see 19 million wearables shipped globally - and that number is expected to blow past 100 million in the next three years."

But then again, the report also points out the fact that Apple is indeed a late entry into the wearable industry. We already have wearables from the likes of Motorola, Nike and FitBit that are already available in the market.

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"We're moving from a sort of inhuman kind of tech, reading text on a display, to something that fits the way human beings are designed - we feel things through our senses," said J.P. Gownder, analyst at Forrester, in a phone interview with NBC News.

And this goes well with Tim Cook's claim that "Apple Watch is the most personal device we've ever created. It's an intimate way to connect and communicate."

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Going by what the company claims for the new tech, Apple has introduced a "Taptic Engine" inside which talks about the watch's ability to produce a slight tap on your wrist. And although it could be used to keep a tab on notifications, but it can also be used for the same reason with people concerned. And that tapping feature is enough for couples to take note of.

The Apple Watch is only in its initial days, and there's still some time to go before we understand its full potential. But the initial signs for its might serve a good insight into what the company is planning going forward.

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