K-array Anakonda KAN200 Unveiled: Rope Like Revolutionary Flexible Speakers

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Sometimes it's such a challenge to place speakers in a room, the wires keep tangling, speakers, themselves occupy so much space. Not to mention, most of the box speakers are too bulky to carried around.

Sure, form factors of speakers have dramatically changed over the years, some of them are small, portable and powerful at the same time. But placement is every thing, a speaker paced in an awkward position usually results in an inconsistent hearing experience. K-array's new speakers might have an answer to all of these problems.

The Italian sound equipment company has launched its new speakers Anakonda KAN200, which are so flexible that they can be tied into a knot. To explain better, these speakers have a rope like structure and are light enough to be even pushed into nooks and crannies.

These speakers can be used as stand alones or combined with K-array subwoofers. Each KAN 200 module is 2m (6.6 ft) long and Up to 32 modules can be interconnected, creating a continuous sound line, 64m (209,97 ft) in length. The speakers are said to be capable of delivering clear and loud audio and can be used for wide variety of applications.

K-array Anakonda KAN200 recently won ABTT's 2013 Sound Product of the Year Award and is currently being distributed by Sennheiser UK. "K-array produces truly revolutionary audio solutions," say Sennheiser UK product manager Simon Beesley.

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