LG Launches World's First 55 Inch Curved OLED TV, Available for Pre Order

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LG gave the world a surprise when it introduced it's 55 inch curved OLED TV in CES which appened in January. Now, there are reports suggesting that tech giant will releasing the device in by the end of this year. Also, there are reports that multiple such curved OLED TVs will be released as well.

Hung W.K. Shin, Team Manager of the Home Electronics Product Communication team at LG told TrustedReviews

LG Launches World's First 55 Inch Curved OLED TV

Hung Shin also said that LG will be making even bigger curved TV's, apart from the 55-inch models.

Thomas Lee, LG's Vice President of Home Entertainment, further told TrustedReviews that the models will be coming in the coming in the second half of this year.

Update: Mashable says LG 55EA9800 has been made available for pre-order in South-Korea at 15 million KRW ( Rs. 732510 approximately). Coustomers will be able to pre-order from over 1,400 LG retail stores.

Also, The TV's availability and pricing for other regions will be announced in the coming months.

The world's first 55-inch curved OLED TV, LG 55EA9800 is said to offer IMAX like experience at home. The concave design of the TV is said to provide stronger viewing angles and more immersive viewing experience. The TV is 4.3 millimeters (0.17 inches) thin and weighs in at 17 kilograms. It is said to come with LG's WRGB and Color Refiner technologies for enhanced color and more vibrant, natural images. It still is unclear as to how the curved screen feature really makes that much of a difference, Gizbot will update you once it get's more details.

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