Microsoft Unveils Two New Mouse With Windows 8 Button To Simplify Navigation

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Microsoft has launched two mice that come with specialized button to make navigation through Windows 8 that much more easier. Windows 8 completely changed way users navigate through an operating system, it' new modernistic design made it easier users to multi-task. Touchscreen devices had quite an advantage with W8, as it brought in support for gestures for easy navigation and simplicity in using the charms feature. The two new devices from Microsoft should enable mouse users to avail on some of the advantages of touchscreen with a mouse.

Microsoft Unveils Two New Mouse With Windows 8 Button

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Dubbed as Sculpt Comfort Mouse and the Sculpt Mobile Mouse, both the mice come with specialized windows button designed specially for Windows 8. However, the devices are compatible with windows 7 and android as-well.
Sculpt Comfort Mouse is to be made available next month, at $39.95 (Rs. 2,221 approximately). The bluetooth mouse comes with a Windows key situated on the right side, which can easily be cliked on with your Thumb. Obviously, clicking on it takes you to the start screen. What's not so obvious is the button is actually touch sensitive - swiping up switches between apps, while swiping down opens the multitasking menu on the side to let you choose from all recent apps.

Sculpt Mobile Mouse pretty similar to the other mouse, but the windows button is situated on top, below the scroll wheel. The Wheel has a 4-way motion, allowing you to scroll both up and down the page and as well as left and right. The mouce uses USB dongle instead of Bluetooth for connecting. Also BlueTrack technology, which is said to enable it to run on virtually any surface. The mouse is to be made available in the next month at $29.95 (Rs. 1,665 approximately) .

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