Microsoft Also Toying With the Idea of Smartwatch: Rumor Or Reality?

By: Anuj Bhatia

Microsoft is planning to get into smartwatch business. The Redmond-based software giant, who recently ventured into hardware game with Surface range of tablets, is excited about the new project. Sources close to the Wall Street Journal say that Microsoft is indeed working on smartwatch like device, and even asked Asian suppliers for certain parts goes into the making of intelligent watch.

The makers behind Xbox have already working on designs for touch enabled smartwatch. It is not clear whether Microsoft is really interested in getting into smartwatch market or not. The software giant hasn't come clean about its alleged involvement in making a smartwatch.

These days almost every big tech vendor is trying to get into so-called wearable computing technology. Google, who has just announced its Google Glass; an Android powered wearable computer, would likely to be released by year end. Apple, who has been working on iWatch device for a long period of time, could announce the first look this summer at WWDC 2013.

Microsoft Also Toying With the Idea of Smartwatch: Rumor Or Reality?

Another company, Samsung, has admitted to the fact that they are working on "Galaxy" watch. However, the South Korean giant declined to comment on the looks, and the technology behind the "Galaxy "watch.

While LG, another South Korean giant, and the makers behind Nexus 4, are planning to push their energies in wearable computing making. The device will be similar to what Google has achieved with Glass.

While Google might be pleased with the response got to its Google Glass; the team behind Android mobile OS, are working on the next-generation Glass as well. While Sony, who has already announced its own intelligent watch - SmartWatch, late last year, is working on the sequel. When GizBot tried to contact Sony India, they didn't respond to our query.

Analysts say that it is the right time for companies such as Apple to announce a wearable computer. Avi Greengart, analyst at the research firm Current Analysis says "I think we have reached a tipping point".

The components are cheap enough, and supported technology is there to make sophisticated equipments like iWatch. While others believe that these so-called wearable computers would be mere fashion accessories for elites. Stay tuned to GizBot.

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