Microsoft Wearable Glass and Four Other Google Glass Competitors in the Making

By: Anuj Bhatia

From Augmented reality to futuristic gear, technology has become a guided force in our daily lives. Gone are the days of bulky desktop PCs, and highend netbook computers. With smartphones one can achieve almost any task.

But, as said technology need to be progressed with time. What about wearable computer that can be as small as your wrist watch or wore in the form of glasses. For many years, the software giant Google has been working on Glass, a wearable computer powered by Android, which is expected to retail over Rs. 80,000 in the market. The fashionable Google Glass could dictate the terms and conditions of next-generation of ‘connected devices'.

Microsoft Wearable Glass and Four Other Google Glass Competitors

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Microsoft Wearable Glasses

The software giant is busy with Windows 9, the next-version of Windows 8 operating system. Side-by-side, the Bill Gates own firm could announce its own version of Google Glass next year. Analyst Brian White believes that Microsoft is currently working on Google Glass like device. As of now, details are pretty much nil about this unheard secretive project.

Sony Head Mounted Display - Another Google Glass Competitor

Like Google who now officially sell Glass later this year, another big player is trying to conquer consumer's eyes. Sony, the makers behind Personal 3D Viewer, is also working on Google Glass like device. The patent by the same name has been revealed recently.

"A head-mounted display apparatus includes an image display device, a wearing device with which the image display device is worn on a head of an observer, and an attachment member with which the image display device is attached to the wearing device. The attachment member is capable of adjusting a position of the image display device relative to the wearing device independently in a first direction and in a second direction, the first direction being defined by a virtual line connecting centers of eyes of the observer, the second direction being perpendicular to the first direction and extending vertically with respect to the observer."

Unlike Google Glass, who flashes beam of information on single eyes, the Sony device will flash it on both eyes. From the patent details, it appears more of a concept. Highlights of Sony Head Mounted display: 2D interface, two lenses each capable of displaying information, camera and battery fitted inside. One has to wait a little longer to get fully functional details of the upcoming augmented display.

Baidu Eye

Sina Tech reports that Chinese search major Baidu is now testing ‘Eye', a wearable computer. The prototype device has an LCD display over one eye, a camera for taking pictures, and some sort of facial recognition search. The wearable head gear will be fully functional with audio support. The spokesperson of Baidu officially confirms the project "Baidu Eye" to Reuters.

Apple iWatch

If Google can prove it then why Apple lest behind. iWatch has been seen as a potential device that can change the wearable computer industry for ever. It is said that the device will be fully functional with iPhone, and can even run iOS apps. As many as 100 engineers are currently working on the project. Sources say that the watch will be crafted with curved glass. The device is expected to go official at WWDC this June.

Vuzix M100

Smart glasses, this is the term currently used by folks over at Vuzix. Unlike Google Glass, which should be called as pedigree for high-end techies; the Vuzix - M100 has been made for professional commitments. The device is powered by Android 4.0. Specifications include: 800 X 480 pixels, GPS, Wi-Fi, 4GB of internal storage and HD video recording. The smart glasses can be connected with current smartphone via Bluetooth, and authorized app. It is expected to retail below Rs. 25,000 in the International market.

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