Motorola's New Technology Tatoo's A Microphone Onto Your Throat

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Earlier this week, it was made public that phone maker Motorola has applied for a patent for an electronic skin tattoo that acts as a mobile communication device. And no, this is not the same as get some ink at your neighborhood tattoo parlor.

Motorola's New Technology Tatoo's A Microphone Onto Your Throat

According to the application filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the technology will allow you to tattoo on your throat a microphone, power supply, an NFC transceiver, antenna, receiver and if you need it, an optional display.

So what does it do? Well, as the wearer speaks, the tattoo will go on to stream his voice into the accompanying mobile device, which could be your smartphone, tablet, etc. Since the technology picks up vibrations straight from the larynx, it ends up transmitting your voice in its purest form minus all the background noise in your surroundings.

The patent also detailed that he tattoo would either contain a battery that ‘may or may not be rechargeable'. It is also possible that the battery unit could be powered by an NFC or Bluetooth charging device.

So if you're making a phone call, the tattoo would then send these sounds wirelessly to the smartphone, and the person on the other end. Motorola also added that the tattoo can also double as a lie detector.

The technology can also be used on animals, according to the information provided from the pattent application.

While companies like Samsung, Google and Apple are trying to offer devices like smartwatches and Glass, Motorola is taking a very different direction with its wearable technology portfolio.

It is worth noting that Google-owned Motorola isn't the first to come out with this kind of technology. Back in early 2011, Nokia applied for a patent for a magnetic tattoo that would give you a tingling feeling in your hand or arm when your phone rings or offers notifications.

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