Bose launches $249 earbuds that aren't meant for music

Bose wants you to sleep better.


Bose has announced the launch of new wireless earbuds. Dubbed Sleepbuds, these earphones aren't actually designed to play music. As the moniker suggests, Sleepbuds are meant to help wearers get a sound sleep.

Bose launches $249 earbuds that aren't meant for music


It works the same way that many people use earplugs in the bedroom to get bettery sleep. Basically, these are simply a sleeping aid, but the ones that come with a smart technology. These earbuds do not use noise cancellation but leverages what the company calls as "noise-masking" technology.

As per the announcement, the Sleepbuds are specially designed to patch over issues arising from existing solutions with ten pre-loaded "sleeptracks." Which Bose explains "mirror the frequencies of snoring, neighbours, dogs, traffic, and more."

Despite lacking features, the smart earbuds comes with a Sleep Android app that allows the wearer to control the earbuds. They can adjust the settings, set alarms, and more. The Sleepbuds are designed to be worn all night. The company said that it has put a lot of time in designing to ensure they are lightweight and comfortable.

Additionally, the wireless solution comes with a dedicated battery which Bose claims can run for up to 16 hours on a single charge. The Bose Sleepbuds are set to become available to buy in the US and Canada starting from June 21, 2018.

The new earbuds will be selling for a price of $249 in the US. The company also said that the device will be made available for Asia-Pacific, Europe, Mexico and Latin America later in the year.

Besides, Bose also seems to be focusing on producing sports earbuds that will help users be comfortable during workouts. A new patent application filed by the company indicates towards a point that uses an elastomer or a rubber filled with one or more "phase change materials" that will convert from solid to liquid, and then back to solid once the temperature turns to normal.


The earbuds are built using new materials that could essentially change their temperature based on how hot the wearer is to help them keep cool. Bose also states in the application that their aim is to reduce discomfort caused due to heat and pressure. The image shows something close to the silicon rubber tips used on many of Bose's in-ears.

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