CES 2017: Logitech Announces G533 High Performance Gaming Audio Headset

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For a long time price, latency, and batteries have stood as obstacles in the wireless headsets category. While latency over a bad wireless connection has been certainly annoying, the headsets have also been priced more than wired headsets wherein they sometimes come with bad sound quality. Talking about the battery, it's always bad when it fails during a game.

Logitech Announces G533 High Performance Gaming Audio Headset

However, wireless headsets seem to have come a long way over the years. Today, you can buy a wireless gaming headset that has already solved the battery problem, comes with better sound quality and further, it exhibits zero hint of latency. Hassle-free gaming audio equipment is now possible.

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That being said, Logitech which has been known to offer quality PC gaming headsets has recently unveiled a new wireless gaming headset that boasts superior sound quality, reliable wireless performance, and long battery life.

Logitech Announces G533 High Performance Gaming Audio Headset

Dubbed as G533, the headset features professional grade wireless technology, Pro-G drivers, and DTS Headphone: X 7.1 Surround Sound for advanced sound quality. Logitech claims that the patent-pending advanced Pro-G audio drivers have been made with hybrid mesh materials to deliver audio performance compared to high-end audiophile headphones.

In addition, the headphones also sport a foldable microphone with a new pop filter to reduce unwanted sounds while chatting with others. There are controls to change the volume as well as to mute or unmute the microphone as well.

As for the coverage, Logitech has said that the new headphones can be connected to the desktop via a USB dongle. Once it is connected, the headphones can work up to 15m (or about 49 feet) away from the dongle. In terms of battery life, the headphone is expected to work for 15 hours before putting it up for charge again. The peripheral also comes with a 2m (6.5-foot) charging cable.

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Logitech is also providing a gaming software app. And with this, you can easily adjust or fine tune the microphone levels and the volume of the headset to suit your sound preferences. Volume levels of all the seven channels can be adjusted.

Coming to the price, the G533 come with a price tag of $150 which is approximately Rs. 10,223.
Logitech is planning to release the wireless headset sometime later this month.


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