Countries Where You Can't Carry Or Fly Your Drones — Beaware


The drone is gradually getting very popular for capturing aerial shoots and beautiful cinematography. There are many Indian creators who carry drones to many parts of the worlds. Many countries have accepted the drone adoption and made it legal with some terms and conditions but still, there are countries who have strict restrictions on carrying or flying drones.

Countries Where You Can't Carry Or Fly Your Drones — Beaware


According to a research 71 countries are there who still have no drone laws. 7 Per cent of the world's countries has banned the drone where you can't even carry a drone. Here is the list of 15 countries where drones are ban.

15 Countries Where Drones Are Banned


Drone laws in Algeria are very strict so if you are planning to carry done to this country then skip the idea right now.


Drone laws in Barbados Barbados' National Aviation Authority are also very strict and it comes in the second number.


Brunei Department Of Civil Aviation has banned the drones for security reasons and they can cease your drone in aviation if you have it in your luggage.

Cote d'Ivoire

Cote d'Ivoire's National Aviation Authority has also banned the drone for the country.


Cuba also comes in the list of drone ban and the Civil Aviation Institute of Cuba can stop you and put you behind the bars if you are found with a drone flying in Cuba.


Iran's National Aviation Authority is very much strict about drones and out of security concern the country has banned the high-tech device.


Iraq Civil Aviation Authority has also banned the device for the same reasons for which Iran banned it.


Surprisingly Kuwait has also banned the drones in the country which is one of the cheapest markets for electronics and drone business. You can easily find a difference of Rs 20000 in the Indian pricing and Kuwaitis pricing.



Drone laws in Kyrgyzstan are also very strict in the nation by Kyrgyzstan's National Aviation Authority.


Madagascar's National Aviation Authority is in the list of banning the device in the country so you can't carry of fly your drone there as well.


Morocco doesn't have any strict reason to ban drones in the country but they did and we can't carry it there too.


Nicaragua's National Aviation Authority also have strict rules for drones.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is also in the list of banning the device in the country.


Senegal's National Agency of Civil Aviation banned the device.


Drone laws in Syria are highly strict because of the obvious reasons of security.

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