DT 240 PRO is latest headphone from Beyerdynamic

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Beyerdynamic has launched a new acoustic product which it is calling the DT 240 PRO. The DT 240 PRO is an over the ear headphone which, according to the manufacturer, inherits its sound prowess from its successors and many sophisticated assemblies such as the DT 770 PRO.

DT 240 PRO is latest headphone from Beyerdynamic

Beyerdynamic acoustic products have found a great deal of application in the professional world making themselves well acquainted with the studio work which requires a flawless and distinctive quality.

The brand claims that the DT 240 PRO offers a clean, deep bass, lively mids and clearly defines highs. The headphone also claims to offer high quality of sound insulation which is helpful in boosting its performance even in a loud ambiance such as concert halls. Beyerdynamic tries to achieve this feat through deep contact pressure and tightly fitted ear pads. All of these features come in a lightweight form factor never overlooking comfort. The headphones come with a matt black finish and will certainly be loved by the tech-savvy lot.

The DT 240 PRO is marked with a price tag of Rs. 7,550 which makes it an affordable choice among the much expensive lot. Beyerdynamic believes that the headphone will make a great choice for musicians, podcasters, YouTubers and semi-pro filmmakers.

The headphone will be available for sale on the brand's online store as well as at authorized offline retail stores starting November 2017. The affordable price of the product in the country makes it a perfect piece of sound product for semi-pros.

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