Facebook launches Oculus Go: A new low cost wireless VR headset

Facebook's latest quest seems to be to make virtual reality an everyday part of our lives, the company's CEO has just announced Oculus Go and other interesting offers.

Facebook the social media giant has now unveiled a new virtual reality headset with an aim to broaden the reach of VR to many in the market. Dubbed as Oculus Go the device is priced at $200 (roughly Rs. 13,011) but the VR headset will go on sale only next year.

Facebook launches Oculus Go: A new low cost wireless VR headset

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook's Chief Executive launched the new headset at the Oculus Connect developer conference, saying it hoped to create "the most accessible VR experience ever".

Zuckerberg, further speaking at a conference stated that the new VR headset does not require a separate PC to operate and that it would now allow more mobility as well as deliver high-quality experience than the company's existing Oculus Rift product.

The Chief also said that the new VR headset will be able to run many existing games and apps that are available for the Gear VR. Notably, the headset has been designed for playing games, watching movies and "hanging out with friends" in Facebook's social VR apps.

In any case, we already know that Facebook has been working to develop VR technology integrated products that would be widely used for gaming, communication and business applications. In fact, the company has been trying different ways to attract people to the virtual-reality medium.

And now with the introduction of Oculus Go, Facebook might be a one step ahead in realizing its ambition. Well, the company does want to bring 1 billion people into VR in future. Besides at the price that Facebook is offering the new VR headset, it does make the new device the cheapest VR system in the market. From what it looks like Facebook is extensively betting on hardware pricing to broaden VR appeal.

But apart from that, Facebook has been making heavy investments in virtual reality hardware in hopes the technology will be adopted by many in the days to come.


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