Google working on new smart glasses: Here's everything we know so far

Google is not done with the Google Glass.

    Google was the first to bring a smart glass to life. Although the device didn't get the attention it deserved, it sure gave other companies a concept that will cement the foundation for future smart glasses. Apple is also said to be working on its version of the smart glass. But since Google is the pioneer of the technology, the company expected to beat its rivals with a new variant of the Google Glass. Here's everything that's known about the device:

    Google working on new smart glasses: Here's everything we know so far


    Form factor

    One of the main reasons the Google Glass didn't appeal to the audience was its look. The smart glasses were catered to the users with an idea that they would provide all kind of technical innovations while offering an attractive look. Looks are the major concern for the users while using a smart wearable if we keep the privacy concerns aside.

    Google has filed for a patent that shows how the wiring will be integrated into a pair of normal glasses. If you see the images and text combined in the patent, the company is seeking ways to better combine the tech within the product for a more usual look. It seems Google doesn't want to show the 'smart' part inside the glasses. The patent suggests that the wires will run through the frame of the glasses, and molding the frames to accommodate the extra wiring.

    Other technical components would be hidden within the arms of the glasses, or what the patent names as 'side-pods.' The images also show two extra circular components attached to the arms that would act as earpieces and could be attached to the user's ears. The imagery also hints towards the existence of a microphone and an integrated touchpad.
    What's intriguing is that the first image does not contain a graphical display for the glasses, which means one pair of glasses will be primarily for audio purposes. The second image, however, includes a graphical display along with an onboard computer that would overlay data on to their surroundings.

    What to expect


    Very less is known about what features the new Google Glass will carry, but if we go by the design patents, it gives a sneak peek into what the company might be planning.
    Apart from the microphone, earpieces, and the graphical interface, the patent mentions an LED on the inside of the glass. Or these can be lasers that would project an image directly onto user's eyeball.

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    Other exciting ideas include the use of a graphical interface to project an in-focus image closer to the user's eyes, bringing distant objects into focus. The side-pods could also house Wi-Fi modules and USB connectors.

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