Samsung files patent for magnetic field-based VR controllers

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If you want to see some futuristic device, the US Patent and Trademark is your place. Today, a new Samsung patent has caught our attention, which was originally filed back in December 2016.

Samsung files patent for magnetic field-based VR controllers

Apparently, the patent describes a new type of VR controller which will use magnetic fields to establish communication with the corresponding equipment such as a VR headset. The use of magnetic fields will ensure a more accurate reading as well as tracking and positioning. The patent further explains how this will function. It seems like, except VR, these controllers would be able to connect to other devices too.

The patent talks about a VR headset, which would come equipped with a 'source' device. The source device will probably be independent of the hardware and it will emit the magnetic field. Then the emitted magnetic field will activate the controller. Moreover, it will be able to calculate the proximity and distance.

Samsung files patent for magnetic field-based VR controllers

Coming to the second picture of the patent, it hints the possibility of a user interacting with a TV in a similar manner.

However, the user is not wearing a VR headset here. Rather, the 'source' emitting the magnetic field and the "VR providing device" come in a form of a small attachment, which can be placed anywhere. As seen in this image, the device is placed in the back pocket of the user.

The user seems to be interacting with the visual aspects displayed on the screen. While the main focus is on VR, the patent states that the device could be used be for "another embodiment" as well.

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