Taclim VR Shoes Showcased at CES 2017 Marks The Next Leap in VR Space

This VR Shoes is real.

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Virtual reality (VR) accessories are yet to go mainstream. Once you hear of VR, you might probably think of headsets and shoes might not come to your mind. This is where Cerevo has thought out-of-the-box. The company has come up with Taclim VR shoes that let you use your feet to experience virtual reality.

Taclim VR Shoes Showcased at CES 2017 Marks The Next Leap in VR Space

You need to place your feet in the VR shoes and there are two straps that go over your feet. While you walk, you can interact with what you see in the virtual world and the shoes will vibrate in various patterns as the shoes respond to your actions.

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The Taclim VR shoes are programmed to simulate the textures of various materials that you walk on such as a textured or snowy or sandy path. Apart from this, the Taclim shoes can be used as a motion controller letting you walk as well as kick in virtual reality.

This pair of sandals connects to the VR setup, be it your PC or mobile using Bluetooth and has 9-axis motion sensing with an accelerometer, geomagnetism, and gyroscope.

Besides the VR Shoes, Taclim also includes handheld controllers and these should be released in the latter half of 2017. The pricing of the Taclim system will start from $1,000 and range up to $1,500.

Now, if you are wondering how it would be to walk around with the VR Shoes, you can check out what some people who have tried them feel.

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"I felt like an old man. My kicks were barely inches off the ground because I was scared of losing my balance in these weird, bulky, raised sandals, and I had to shuffle in place to "walk" in the simulation", claims The Verge.

"The plastic prototype I demoed (paired with a Gear VR headset) felt a little clunky and unfinished, but the effect was noticeable. The different vibration patterns felt reasonably close to what you'd expect when walking through snow or sand", says Mashable

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