Adios fitness bands, tooth-mounted sensors to track your health and diet

It's a nutritionist inside your mouth.


We are living in an age of smart wearables, from our pockets to our wrists, and now finally inside our mouths. Engineers at Tufts University have developed a tiny sensor that can be attached to the teeth. Honestly, it's not something you would like people to see when you open your mouth, but it might become a norm in the near future.

Adios fitness bands, tooth-mounted sensors to track your health


These wireless sensors are designed to monitor a person's diet and health, relaying data about the sugar level, alcohol intake, and the salt percentage in the body to the wearer's smartphone. This is also a good solution for people who cheat on their diet quite often.

With the new tooth-mounted biosensor, the Tufts team aims to take the readings from inside of your mouth, recording what the wearer has eaten and how their body responds to the food. To make this happen, the team has placed the biosensors between layers of gold, which act like a small antenna that collects and relays physiological data.

In a paper published in the journal Advanced Materials, the researchers discuss how the tooth-mounted wearable will be useful for both medical and lifestyle purposes, helping both patients and people who want to maintain a healthy life.

The device might be less noticeable from the previous in-mouth wearables, but it's still far from being inconspicuous, thanks to the gold plated layers.

Besides, a company called Rhone developed a running shirt with Celliant technology, a proprietary fabric that increases blood flow in user's body to provide enhanced physical performance. The first thing that comes to mind is how will it work? The Celliant technology takes the heat from user's body and reflects it back to them to make more oxygen available to the body cells. This innovative technology utilizes minerals and some proprietary ingredients tucked into fibers and yarns. The company has partnered with apparel brands across the globe. Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration has labeled Celliant a medical device and general wellness product.

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The process of increasing the blood flow begins with a mix of 13 thermo-reactive minerals that are integrated into the core of polyester fibers during the extrusion process. The minerals enable the fabric to absorb and re-emit infrared electromagnetic light energy from the user's body.

Image: SilkLab, Tufts University

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