Top 10 Gadgets Used In Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation

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The Mission Impossible franchise new and fifth addition: MI-Rogue Nation. Is famous for its stunts and more important futuristic technology. Yes, that's right, Mission Impossible is most popular for the technology used in the movie.

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Here are some of the most futuristic technology moments from the new film. Take a look at the slider below to know more....

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Smart Swimmer

Smart swimmer suite that syncs oxygen to computer

Smart Car Windows

Car opens door only whey your fingerprint get scanned on the car windows shield.

Smart Lock

Smartphones are use to unlock doors.

Smart Book

A small device that converts a normal book into a smart book.

3D Super Fast Printer

We have seen 3D printing for making mask in previous MI movies. Now the MI 5 shows a super fast 3D printing machin.

Breaking Glass

The MI 5 movie shows a new equipment to break a hard glass in just seconds.

Real Time Search

The real time searching just using an image.

Encryption Call

The new movie shows a smartphones that can call with encryption technology.

Smart Glasses

Smart glasses similar to the Google Glasses.

Camera Contact Lens

A very camera lens mounted on eye contact lens to make video communication directly.

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