Top 5 Exciting Gadgets That You Should Know About

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The tech world is booming spontaneously, as we can witness a plethora of amazing technologies are being reported around the world. Whether you are on the go, in your home or at the office, gadgets can be an effective time saver and can make your life easier as well.

As smartphones reached their saturation point, this 2015 is proving to be the year of 'wearable technology'. This year, we have seen a whole lot of wearable announcement starting from the Smartwatch to Virtual reality headsets.

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Anyhow, it doesnt stop here! There are lots of amazing gadgets that we are unaware of, due to its low popularity, or still in development or fresh out of Kickstarter. The Jetsons cartoon has spelled out the future for us a decade back with flying saucer, cleaning robot, floating buildings etc.

Today, GizBot presents you the top 8 best and most exciting gadgets that you should know about. Do check out in the below sliders.

Nixie Selfie

In this era of selfie madness, Christoph Kohstall has developed a selfie drone called Nixie. Basically, this device can be worn like a watch or bracelet, but when you unfold and toss it in the air, it takes a flight, captures image or videos (user's preference) with its camera and returns to the same person. As of now, this amazing device is still in the development stage and can expect to be available commercially in few days.

Prynt Smartphone Case

Looking for a quick way to print your mobile photos? Worry not! A French start-up named Prynt recently released their smartphone cover that comes with a built-in printer. This device will get connected to your phone via Bluetooth and prints the selected photos in just 50 seconds. It's pretty cool right? The Prynt smartphone case is available for $99 (approx Rs. 6,400)

SKARP Lazer Razor

Tired of applying shave cream and aftershave solutions? Are you getting nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs by manual razors? Then this is for you! The SKARP Lazer Razor is prototype made of aluminum with laser technology for an irritation free and incredibly close shave. As per the reports, this lasts for about 50,000 straight hours and does not require to be cleaned.

Hover Board

Have you watched the 'Back to future' movie? If so, remember the Hoverboard which levitates? No, we are not talking about that right now. The Hoverboard Technologies has revealed its single wheel Hoverboard, which comes with LED lighting and built-in speakers. Powered by 5,000 W motor, this can run up to 16mph.

Skully AR-1

What will you get, when you mix a Google glass and a Skully helmet? The result is Skully AR-1. If you are biker, we recommend you to get one of these. The Skully AR-1 helmet is a weather-resistant head protector, with display for GPS, music, and rear camera feed. Further, the company has added over 200 countries to their GPS map. Sounds like "JARVIS" right?


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