Nokia Smart Watch With Kinetic and Morph Wearable Technology Tipped For Q3, 2014

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Since portable and wearable devices are becoming a way of showing the strength of the company these days, most of them prefer to come up with one. Thus after launching their first two phablets, Nokia has already occupied the gossip section through its smartwatch that are being rumored highly these days.

Nokia Smart Watch With Kinetic and Morph Wearable Technology Hinted

The smartwatch is reportedly said to come at the latter half of next year. It is said to use Nokia's Morph technology which the company describes as "nanoscale technologies that will potentially create a world of radically different devices that open up an entirely new spectrum of possibilities".

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However, this technology was first known about back in 2008 when the Nokia Morph displayed it at The Museum of Modern Arts. Reportedly, earlier this year Nokia applied for a patent on the technology and now we might actually see some of this technology applied in a new Nokia smartwatch.

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Moreover, it was reportedly said that Axel Meyer, head of Emerging Devices and Peter Skillman are working together on the upcoming Nokia smartwatch.

Moreover, the video that is posted on the YouTube also shows that the user can control devices with kinetic tech by bending, twisting and even squeezing it. So, it is highly suitable for a wearable like smart watch.

The device if comes to reality, will definitely boggle the mind the most of the tech savvy individuals. Moreover, since these are just the rumors, it is suitable to take the news with a grain of salt. However, we will keep you updated with more of such stories. Stay Tuned!

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