Nvidea Unveils Project Logan: New Kepler Mobile GPU To Support Unreal Engine 4

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Nvidea gives a sneak peek of the GPU inside Project Logan, the company's next-generation, CUDA-capable mobile processor at SIGGRAPH, this week. Based on Kepler architecture, the GPU said to be capable of delivering the same performance as the latest PC or console GPUs.

Nvidea Unveils Project Logan: New Powerfull Kepler Mobile GPU

The company in it's blog wrote "We took Kepler's efficient processing cores and added a new low-power inter-unit interconnect and extensive new optimizations, both specifically for mobile. With this design, mobile Kepler uses less than one-third the power of GPUs in leading tablets, such as the iPad 4, while performing the same rendering. And it gives us enormous performance and clocking headroom to scale up".

Kepler supports newly announced OpenGL 4.4 full-featured graphics specification and as well as the OpenGL ES 3.0 embedded standard. It also supports DirectX 11, Microsoft's latest graphics API. "We achieved this efficiency without compromising graphics capability", the company says.

Nvidea Unveils Project Logan: New Powerfull Kepler Mobile GPU

The new APIs, allows developers to create more visually compelling imagery using advanced rendering and simulation techniques, like Tessellation, Compute-based deferred rendering, Advanced anti-aliasing and post-processing algorithms, Physics and simulations.

NVIDIA also showcased it's next-generation game engine technology, Unreal Engine 4, running on their next-generation mobile GPU. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney says the the new game engine will empower mobile devices to support high-end graphics as DirectX 11 on PC games and will consume one-third of the energy consumed by GPU's found in leading tablets like iPad 4. Unreal Engine 4 can take full advantage of Project Logan's computing power which stands at a massive 2.5 Teraflops.

Below, you can see the video of rendering of "Ira" - project logan's mascot, using mobile kepler.

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