Philips Introduces Hue Go: A Portable Bowl Of Light

Philips Hue Go is an if Design award winning, fully portable wireless lamp with all of the clever connectivity features of Philips Hue, meaning that it is now possible to experience the light that you want. .

Philips Introduces Hue Go: A Portable Bowl Of Light

The Hue Go is basically a portable bowl of light. It's a wireless smart lamp that can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet to switch between "five patented new dynamic light effects," as well as interacting with over 200 third-party apps.

Philips believes you'll want to carry the Hue Go around the house. When fully charged it will help light an area for three hours, and if you don't have a smartphone or tablet in hand, there's a switch for changing the lighting effect on the device.

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You have the option of warm white light or cool daylight as well as those patented dynamic effects (light colors) which Philips has named Cozy Candle, Sunday Coffee, Meditation, Enchanted Forest, and Night Adventure. Of course, there's also the option to create your own light color using the Hue app.

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If a bowl of light isn't enough for you, the Hue Go can also be classed as smart. It can be setup to notify you about a new email, change the light output based on weather reports, or be used to enhance TV watching or game playing with dynamically changing color based on what's happening on screen.

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All you need to do is find an app that makes it do something other than just light. The Hue Go is not waterproof, so while you can take it outdoors, you won't want to do so if it's raining or spill a drink on it.

And you will be careful with it because each Hue Go is going to cost $100 (approx Rs. 6,219). Philips is set to release it on the US market in June, but Europe gets it this month.

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