Polaroid IM1836: Mirrorless Android Camera to be Launched at CES 2013

By: Gizbot Bureau

Polaroid recently showcased its Android powered Smart camera at the CES event. The product was the first of such kind in the smart cameras platform. But the device has not yet seen the light of day in any market worldwide.

The company however has not made any announcement regarding the release or whether it would be featured worldwide or not. Sources assume that the company might be working on implementing further changes in the device which probably be in the interchangeable-lens in the device.

The device is being manufactured by Sakar International and has been coded as IM1836. The photo images of the device were first seen in the Dealerscope magazine and published by PhotoRumours in a Russian social networking site. According to the statements revealed by Dealerscope, IM1836 would be powered by an Android 4.0 processor.

Polaroid IM1836: Mirrorless Android Camera to be Launched at CES 2013

The device comes with a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, and 18.1MP resolution sensor. The other additional features of the device include a microSD card slot, pop-up flash, HD video recording options, and headphone with HDMI outputs among others.

The Camera device can be considered similar to that of 1 J2 mirrorless camera released by Nokia. Sources from PetaPixel assume that Polaroid along with Sakar International would be working in collaboration with Nokia to repackage a J2 branding Polaroid on the base.

PetaPixel added that the product would feature Android OS inside. However, for any further update on the device, users would have to wait until the CES meet.

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