Portronics Unveils Pico 2: A Portable Micro Wireless Phone Charger At Rs 1299

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You are listening to music or watching a video on your smartphone and all of a sudden you notice the power bar on your device running horribly low. Lets take an other instance, you are in a rush in the morning to get to work and you have forgotten to charge your phone, what do you do?

Portronics Unveils Pico 2: A Portable Micro Wireless Phone Charger

Well, Portronics might have an answer for you. The portable and digital device manufacturer has come up with a new wireless 2200 mAh micro-charger which might be perfect for emergency situations. Dubbed as Pico 2 the emergency mobile charger is an ultra-compact rechargeable battery pack which utilizes high density lithium-ion battery cells to provide powerful capacity in a small package. The device is said to be compatible with most USB charged smartphones and bluetooth devices. The miniature device is small enough to fit into your pocket and is able to provide instant battery support by connecting to your device via MicroUSB.

Pico 2 can be charged by plugging it into any USB 2.0 or 1.1 compatible outlets via Micro-USB cable, which comes included.

Key Features



Micro USB input:1000mAh/5V

Micro Port Outport:1000mAh/5V

Includes 2200 mAh power pack, micro USB cable, user manual

Adds up to 10 hours of battery life for 3G users and up to 19hours for 2G.

4 point LED's power indicator display the remaining charge in 25% increments.

Quick Charge 1 Amp Technology charges your Smartphone at full speed.

Compact and easy to carry

Built-in micro USB tip for use with all micro USB compatible phones

Portronics Pico 2 - wireless phone charger is available in white and black colours at Rs 1,299 only.

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