Pressy: The Programmable Android Button That Let's You Snap Pictures Instantly

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Presenting Pressy, a cheap, yet nifty Android button that turns your humble headphone jack into a programmable button. Why would you want to do that? Well, if you're one among the thousands of people who missed hundreds of brilliant photo opportunities because you couldn't open the camera app on time, then you should seriously consider Pressy.

Pressy: The Programmable Android Button For Clickin Pictures Instantly

Part of a successful kickstarter campaign, Pressy plugs into the headphone jack of your phone and allows you to perform your favorite actions with the simple press of a button. You can program it to perform a wide variety of actions, including launching your camera app with one press and quickly shooting a picture with the next press or maybe even call your girlfriend with a few long button presses.

So remember, Pressy goes beyond pictures. It can be programmed to function as a trigger for a wide variety of actions. To program the button, one needs to use an app that comes along with the product.

At Gizbot, most of our reviewers have their earphones plugged in throughout the day for music and calls. We went on to learn that Pressy has a solution to that problems as well. The app allows you to use the in-line button on your earphones/headphones as a trigger too.

Want one? Well, the Kickstarter campaign ends in 41 days. Shell out $17 (1116.90) for the regular version, or $20 (1314) for a key chain holder as well.

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