Air Tamer A310 review: A personal air purifier for everyone

Here’s what we think about this handy personal air purifier.


In today's highly polluted outdoors, a wearable air purifier is a boon. This is why Air Tamer A310, a personal and wearable air purifier comes as a savior. Well, it can be worn wherever you go and keep you protected from pollutants, allergens and smoke in the outdoors and dust in the indoors. It prevents polluted air from entering your respiratory tract.


Air Tamer A310 review: A personal air purifier for everyone


Well, the Air Tamer A310 is quite different from the traditional air purifiers that exist in the market. It is priced at Rs. 9,999 and is available exclusively via Here, we have come up with a review of this personal air purifier.

What’s in the box

  • Air Tamer A310
  • Silver tin case
  • USB cable for charging
  • Instruction leaflet
  • Warranty card


The Air Tamer A310 comes enclosed in a protective silver tin case. There is a button at the side of this device to turn it on. At its back, there is a micro USB port for charging the device. Also, there is a green LED indicator at the rear to show that it is turned on. However, there is no option to see the level of charge left. It comes with a lanyard that can be adjusted and replaced as per your convenience.

At the top, there is a little black brush, which is a key component of this air purifier. This air purifier has created by FilterStream. And, it does not have any filters that require timely replacement to let you breathe in fresh and clean air.

How it works

How it works

It uses the ionization technology to ensure that you breathe in fresh and clean air. This black brush emits around 2 million negative ions every second. This is emitted in about 3-feet sphere creating a protective invisible bubble around your head. These negative ions attach themselves to the allergens and pollutants in the air particles and negatively charge these particles. These will be attracted to positively charged particles around you instead of continuing their way to your respiratory tract. Eventually, it can keep you protected from dust, allergens, pollutants, passive smoking issue and more.


Well, this personal wearable air purifier has an inbuilt and rechargeable battery that can deliver over 150 hours of run time. It did last for nearly four days though not on continuous usage. When it comes to the performance, the company touts that this air purifier can give fresh air everywhere but there is no means to check its functionality and effectiveness. The smoke filteration demonstration shown by the company shows that it within 30 seconds the Air Tamer A310 eliminates smoke completely.


Air Tamer A310 is a personal wearable air purifier for those who are interested in protecting their health and staying away from respiratory issues. This air purifier lasts for long but there is no way to judge its performance due to the lack of a gauge for the same. For its selling price of Rs. 9,999, we would suggest this device for those suffering from respiratory issues such as asthma to wear it around to keep them safe while they travel.

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