Kent Magic car air purifier review: Ensures quality air in your car’s cabin

Here’s what we think about the Kent Magic car air purifier.


Day by day, concerns regarding air pollution are increasing in the major Indian cities. This is not an exaggeration as we are aware of the toxic smog incident in Delhi NCR a few months back. As exposure to high levels of air pollution can take a toll on one's health causing ailments such as asthma, air purifiers are needed to breathe in clean and fresh. With the increasing awareness related to air pollution among citizens, air purifiers have become a common household appliance these days.



Kent Magic car air purifier review

Talking about the level of air pollution inside cars, there are reports that suggest the car cabin is five times more polluted than the exterior. As exposure to pollutants can cause serious health hazards, even car air purifiers are becoming common in the country. One such product is the Kent Magic HEPA Air Purifier.

Kent Magic air purifier is meant to be used inside cars in order to eradicate the impurities in the air inside the car. It uses a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) filter to remove impurities such as dust, bacteria, virus, odor, allergens and other contaminants in the car. The HEPA filter has an inbuilt ionizer to keep the surrounding air fresh. It has a carbon filter to neutralize unpleasant odor. It is touted to eliminate air pollutants and smell with an efficiency of 99.9%.

I have been using the Kent Magic HEPA air purifier for nearly a month in Bangalore. So, let me take you through the review of the same.



Kent Magic HEPA air purifier is pretty compact to be used in cars. It weighs in around 0.45 kg and measures 161 x 161 x 64 mm in dimensions. Being compact, I was able to place it anywhere in my car without any difficulty. I had it on the dashboard, passenger seat at the front and event the rear seat as it comes bundled with a long cable. The air purifier does not have any buttons. It has a removable top cover, which exposes the filter unit when opened. This removable cover makes it easy to clean the filter without the requirement of a technician.

At its bottom, there are four small rubber stands to position the unit on the dashboard of the car. It has to be connected to a 12V car charger socket to work. The adapter that comes along with the package of the air purifier has a button to adjust the fan speed between low and high.

I had plugged the air purifier into the charger socket in the car and placed it on the dashboard as we were on a family trip. Despite the presence of rubber stands to hold the device in position, it moved sideways every now and then. Fortunately, it did not fall off the dashboard. But the product is too big to be positioned near the handbrake and might need double-sided tapes to stick it on to this place.



The Kent Magic car air purifier uses HEPA dust collection technology. It is touted to deliver up to 99.9% high efficiency removal of PM2.5 (particulate matter with less than 2.5 micrometers diameter). So, it can effectively remove 99% of toxic gases and fine particles. There is a carbon filter as mentioned above to remove the foul smell in the air.

This HEPA air purifier makes use of a unique 3-stage filtration process to purify air. First, there is a pre-filter, which catches and traps the bigger and visible dust particles. Then there is an activated carbon filter to trap the chemical pollutants including foul smell, odor, smoke, etc. The third layer of filtration happens with the HEPA filter that removes the PM2.5 particles those are not visible to the human eye.

The air purifier that we had received came along with an air quality monitor. This monitor shows how effective the air purifier is. However, remember that this air quality monitor is not a part of the purifier's package and one has to purchase it separately. This Kent air quality monitor is an impressive product that is compact in size. It has an inbuilt battery and can work for over four to five hours. It lasted for almost five hours on a single charge during my trip.

This monitor takes a considerable time to show the actual air particulate matter in the car. During my usage, it took over 15 minutes to bring the PM2.5 reading to below 25 ug/m3 in my car. It started with a staggering reading of over 200 ug/m3 once I started it inside the car's cabin with the air conditioner turned on.

Talking about the Magic HEPA car air purifier, the product works fine. It reduced the PM2.5 reading by 7 or 8 ug/m3 after turning it on. What I didn't like about it is the noise level. On high-speed, the purifier made a disturbing sound. On using it in low speed, this noise was tolerable but it persisted.

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The Kent Magic car air purifier is a good product for those who want to breathe in fresh and clean air while they are traveling in their car. As mentioned above, it has to be secured on the dashboard with double-sided tapes to avoid movement during the travel. Priced at Rs. 7,999, this one could be a little expensive for users but it will suit those who are concerned about their health as it is a one-time investment.

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