Letstrack Premium GPS Tracking Device Review: Brilliant Performance With Accurate Tracking


Letstrack, the company which is known for its wide range of GPS tracking devices has launched a new product in India called - The Premium Series. The USP of the device is the capability of showing accurate location even in the unstable network and remote areas. In cities there are already too many cases of vehicle robbery and this device can help you in keeping your vehicle safe. The company launched the device with a price tag of Rs. 8,999.



Letstrack Premium GPS Tracking Device Review: Brilliant Performance

We have received the Letstrack Premium at Gizbot to test the device and get you the honest review of the GPS tracker. Here's what we think about the device.



  • Engine Cut
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Parking Alerts
  • 24 Hour History
  • Accident Alert
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Speed Alerts


Design-wise the Letstrack Premium is portable enough to get placed inside the vehicle without letting others know that you have placed a GPS tracker on your vehicle. The GPS tracker comes with a slick and waterproof design so that users should not have to worry about the location tracking of their vehicle.

At the top, it comes with a signal indicator which will show the device is on and good to go. However, once the tracker is installed in your vehicle there will be no need to keep a check on that. It comes in a black with red color option along with the company's branding. Moreover, the device is extremely weightless which makes it easier to hide in your vehicle.

Setup Process

Setup Process

The installation process of the device will be done by the company certified technicians, so you needn't have to worry about the wires and all the confusing items which comes with the retail box. After the installation, you have to download the app and start the setup.

During the setup process, we haven't found any difficulty, all you need to do is to download the Letstrack app and register your details like name, contact number, email ID. Once you're done with that then you will receive an OTP on your registered number which you have to put when the app seeks an OTP input.

After that, you have to register your vehicle number, model name, and most importantly the IMEI code of the Letstrack Premium model. You can get the IMEI code at the bottom of the retail box. Once you are done you are good to go.



We have used the Letstrack Premium GPS tracker for a two-wheeler for more than two weeks. During our use, we haven't noticed any issue with the device and the performance of the tracker was very impressive.

The Letstrack Premium GPS tracker packs a whole lot of features like Engine Cut, Real-Time Tracking, Parking Alerts, 24 Hour History, Accident Alert, Driver Behaviour, Speed Alerts. With the help of all these features, you can keep a check on your vehicle even when you are not in the city.

Location Tracking Test

Location Tracking Test

We have tried the live location tracking feature of the device and we received the most accurate location of the vehicle. The impressive feature of the device is Engine Cut which will allow you to cut down the power of engine via Letstrack app. Even though the ignition of the vehicle is on, the bike will not get start until you turn the feature off from the app.

This means even though you are travelling of far away from your vehicle and you see that your vehicle is moving out from your garage, you can take action then and there.

Besides, it also has a very impressive feature which will allow you to keep track of the speed. For instance, you have given you vehicle to any of your friend or colleague for ride or drive, then you can check how much speed he/she is doing on the vehicle. You can also have an option of limiting the speed of the vehicle which will restrict them from over speeding. Meanwhile, you will also get a daily report of how many kilometres your ride, mileage, top speed, and more.



As mentioned above we have used the device for more than two weeks and we must say that the Letstrack Premium GPS tracker performs well. We have not noticed and difficult when it comes to the performance of the app or device.

However, we have noticed a minor lag during live location tracking test but that can be negotiable because the location tracking is very accurate. The storage alerts, anti-thief alert gives you the security of your vehicle. Moreover, at this price range, the company is offering a great product which can play a great role when it comes to vehicle security.

In the entire testing processor, we have managed to test all the aspect of the Letstrack GPS tracking device, and we can say that this is a brilliant device for tracking and monitoring your vehicle. 

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